Posted by amanfromMars on 05/30/13 03:20 AM …. commenting on Europe’s leaders fears on http://thedailybell.com/29162/Europes-Leaders-Fear-Revolution
Methinks, DB, the problem is far greater than just a concern for Europe’s leaders, as a fearful revolution would be targetted at the controlling global money system, in all of its guises of wealth, with the first to be hunted down and taken care of by the mob, those identified and/or perceived to be the most wealthy and the powers that be [TPTB]
But such be only a natural justice if power and control is abusively used, surely.

They want a revolution so they can try to install something new that will give them more power to make more money. But methinks they are over estimating the odds they appear to think are in their favor… ….. Posted by Ol’ Grey Ghost on 05/29/13 04:35 PM

Ol’Grey Ghost, Hi,
Methinks “they” are in a bit of an enigmatic and increasingly-deadly-dangerous-to-them Catch 22 dilemma, as their power and control bases are reverse engineered to expose primary vital administrative functions with networks and protocols being hacked and cracked wide open and sensitive information and formerly held secretive intelligence being freely shared globally in alternate reality environments in forms and phorms which be stenographically encoded to attract smarter attention and persons of interest to new and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive fields of Great Game and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play which are both revolutionary and evolution and a complete departure from anything else ever formerly known and shared to deliver an altogether better beta environment for future progress into Time and Space AIdVentures …….. Virtual Reality Existences.
I suggest, in response to such as that, which can easily be considered as, and can easily morph into an APT ACT [Advanced Persistently Threatening Advanced Cyber Threat] with a practical physicality which has absolute powers to do as it pleases with IT and Media Command and Control of Novel Zeroday Events on Earth to be shared as breaking news and current views for Presentation ….. and thus be Earthly Existence, a Scripted Virtual Reality Production provisioned by IT and Media Machinery ….. that they who would think themselves to be TPTB and under increasingly-deadly-dangerous-to-them Catch 22 dilemma threat, engage with and pay, whatever paper fortunes it takes to such persons of interest as share/have shared their secret codes and hacked their base complex and cracked their simple control protocols, to install something new that will give them more power to make more money to give away so that all are considerably more contented and free to help them in a newly creative environment, remotely virtually controlled by ……. well, SMARTR Virtual Machinery, which would remove advanced thoughts of humans being responsible and accountable for and to the chain of command and control, and thus extraordinarily render them safe from any sort of persecution and prosecution that they, TPTB, might currently realise they be in danger of.
After all, it is only fiat paper being moved around the system and into new accounts for novel sharing holders massive spending and investing, in that simple suggestion, which easily creates a whole new orderly world order with old orders charged with the supply of QE to those who can use it rather than abuse it, and use IT better in New Beta Programming Projects …… which is what be patently missing from the old system of supply on demand and thus creating their enigmatic and increasingly-deadly-dangerous-to-them Catch 22 dilemma.

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