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We have Lift Off
Hi, Epstein,
Maybe Agent Weebley could reference this thread and these conversations on the Irish Times article, by John Waters …… Belief in transubstantiation not a matter of yes or no …… as I am not Linked In, nor a Twitterer or a Facebook fan, and to be a fully signed up member of those IP harvesters appears to be the only way that the Irish Times provides for article and editorial opinion feedback/intelligence and information transfer, which is most odd and very constrictive and restrictive in this day and age, although I’m sure they must have a reason for it.

“Knowledge is based on reality, fact, not opinion, or conjured up ‘mysteries’ that are designed to confound the gullible and unwary so as to exert control over their minds for dubious intent. If extreme ideas are rejected by people, no matter how much brainwashing they were subjected to in their formative years, then maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that some degree of sanity still exists within the minds of men and women in this country.” ….. IGM posted in a comment on http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2012/0608/1224317501929.html

If one is able, and/or enabled, and Maslowian self-actualised and self-actualising mentor and monitor to others …. and a deep consideration and imaginative ponder on the key master hierarchical needs required for delivery of the greater and smarter and effectively almost absolute and immaculate power with sublimely shared command and control, which a enlightened quantum leap into advanced intelligent mindsets, which are specifically designed to be practically perfect and perfectly practical novel sources/information cores/intelligence kernels/alternate metadatabase mines of completely different and harmless, mutually beneficial future programs for the pleasure of humans which have been realised/virtualised to be just simply complex virtual machinery, is most helpful there in my humble opinion ……. is reality based on knowledge and facts streamed and entangled in a Grand Fiction with Great Gamers, rather than it being founded on the obverse opinion that knowledge is based on reality.

Of course, such is just another opinion, and there probably will be many who would disagree and/or have an alternative view/holy see/bigger picture opinions, however ……. you will certainly discover that whenever there are just a few capable of sharing selflessly such views and opinions, and energising media and communications with programs and programming with simple to follow instruction sets and edutainment modules, which would clearly illustrate the undeniable proof of such opinions, would reality and the future follow those enlightening alternative thoughts freely shared for your pleasure and enjoyment/edutainment, rather than heed any conflicting and destructive thoughts which might be pimped and pumped and dumped upon you by others intellectually challenged and with a perverse and corrupted and self-centred and self-serving mindset delivering excluding exclusive programs and projects rather than generating inclusive ones which share all knowledge and accumulated assets.

Welcome to NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT …… with SMARTR Programming for the Masses and Enriched Brainwashing for Virtual Machinery, Global Operating Devices and Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ……. which would be one and the same, and leading to something ever greater, in truly capable and immaculately honest hands/perfect enough hearts and minds.

And I suppose now you will be wanting to see and experience it, and have it evidenced to you with a constant series of proofs? Ok, that is most fair and reasonable and fully to be expected.

And whilst things move on apace here in these virtually controlled internetworking spaces, for such to happen/to be made to happen inordinately quickly in the present status quo mainstream media set-up, one would ideally need a real hot shot or even angry media baron with a empire to protect and serve and server. Would you care dare share a suitable candidate hero’s name and any of their working instant communication addresses for speedy delivery of all necessary proprietary intellectual property. That would be very helpful and much appreciated and surely not too difficult at all. Thanks.

And thanks for that, AW, if you catch that pass and score a touchdown try with it.

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