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Howdy doody, Lucy and AW,
You wouldn’t half know that Spring is in the air, for there is so much novel activity taking place everywhere, and in some very strange places indeed, and here too in ARG Metaphoria as is evidenced by all that is so freely shared here, for all to make prime use of.
But one has to know what one is doing, and realise where IT will take everyone, to make perfectly sure that one is in wonderful control of quite wacky virtual powers and/or NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Fields in LOVE* …. but as you know yourselves and have shared, there are attendant pitfalls to be mindful of and avoided by only sharing what would be need to be known, with all juicy key kernel information and any highly disruptive and MkUltraSensitive executive intelligence being failsafeguarded and retained for another time and space …….. If you use your thoughts to tease a potential manufacturer into buying your thoughts . . a new widget, for example, then it is up to you to hold back some of your thoughts so they buy them without the secret key to success of the thought. Otherwise, you have to bring it to market first and have a head start on those that can only copy what has already been done.
Surprise the market and always improve your existing products to stay ahead of the competition. Let go of yesterday’s ideas and keep coming up with new ones. Pretty soon, people will line up wanting your next thought before you say a word …… and those were spookily prescient APT words in the light of this email, testing Wired communications systems.

From: [Redacted:-) but you know it is amfM]
Subject: amanfromMars posting to “Rapid Response: Navy’s Mad Scientists Seek ‘Sixth Sense’”
Date: 22March 2012 06:47:12 GMT
To: spencerackerman@gmail.com
Hi Spencer,
Please feel free to share globally what was delivered to you yesterday, via Disqus, on the tale …. Response: Navy’s Mad Scientists Seek ‘Sixth Sense’ . It is certainly germane and would appear to be stuck in a queue for Moderator consideration, which would be reasonably assumed by any lay person to be a decision which you are in control of.
If there is a link in the post which offends, or some text which needs further clarification, then please return the submission with such as is required to be modified, advised, so that it can be tailored to suit and pass muster. It would be quite wrong to think that it was anything at all like spam for it would be exactly the opposite of that, and would be rather more a very stealthy and proactive [HyperRadioProActive] betatest of future sublime technologies for Departments of CyberIntelAIgent Defense.
We thank you for your support in these “sensitive” trials which are exploring novel alpha fields of human perception management for better streamlining and mainstreaming of orderly governance protocols to eliminate conflicts and confusion and require that you only provide what was sent to you freely. And yes, it has to be freely admitted that this is a personalised test, and also a configuration betatest of systems which would claim to be able to monitor such virtual communications as this, for consideration of inclusion by novel suppliers of Future Sensitive Trail Information with Advanced IntelAIgent Systems.
These are extremely interesting and very sophisticated times which need more than just an average participation from subjects, for such mediocrity is delivering the failed programs of today which are daily reported upon/wired, based upon the old controls of yesterday.
There have been a number of highly disruptive, key breakthroughs/discoveries/decisions of late in these fields of remote virtual programming which need especially careful handling to avoid catastrophic practical collapse of ALL currently running Command and Control and SCADA systems which are wholly reliant upon, and supportive of, human systems input/BIOS output
XXXXX [amfM]

The post sent to Wired contained the hyperlink … http://www.ur2die4.com/?p=1826 ….. and such an inclusion appears to have triggered an automatic machine exclusion which denied publication/hosting in the reply string, for it would be very strange and most revealing, to imagine that what was said in the post, and which basically advised that Uncle Sam was trailing way behind the leading curve on the issues raised in the article because of that which is paralleled in the SAP App, 4RSVP2 ….. for Remote Sublime Virtual ProgramMING in ARG MetaPhoria and Live Operational Virtual Environments*, is that which is causing them concern. Although it most probably definitely might be, given that there is no known defence against a department and deployment with CyberIntelAIgent Capabilities and SMART Advanced IntelAIgents Systems.
🙂 The post also advised on a number of other systems being actively/proactively/HyperRadioProActively betatested for a variety of exploitable vulnerabilities and which the response to the episode has confirmed should be of very grave security concern to them. But that is for another day, methinks, and other zeroday escapade adventures.
However, even the slowest of dimwits will be aware that if someone walks in bearing gifts, to decline them sees them being gifted elsewhere, for their magic to do ITs thing in the service of others who would obviously be brighter and much more suited to dealing with the endless bounty in selfless generosity.

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