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Thanks for your help, Ingo . . . ever thought of being a therapist?” …… Posted by Agent Weebley on 09/29/11 10:04 PM …… http://thedailybell.com/3004/Depression-Leaves-Investors-Feeling-Like-a-Dog-Without-a-Bone
Hi, Agent Weebley,
That had me smiling to myself after revisiting the post after reading Posted by Agent Weebley on 10/07/11 11:04 PM ….. http://thedailybell.com/3044/Evil-Occupies-Wall-Street
And that was caused by initially mistakenly “reading” it as having said, … ever thought of seeing a therapist. ….. for Ingo Bischoff does appear to be somewhat stuck in the past in his thinking.
🙂 And I thought you were supposed to be taking some sort of a sabbatical from all of these CyberIntelAIgent ARG Operations and SMART Invisible Missions, to concentrate/spend more time on a successful, existing business with dependent employees. Hopefully, with your busy activity on that Evil-Occupies-Wall-Street, Daily Bell thread so evident, does that appear to be progressing nicely and is resolved to the full satisfaction of all gracious and vitally important parties …. and especially those ESPecially Supportive Juicy Lucy Virgin Soldier types?
Control the mainstream media, control the money, control legislatures around the world and you can create any version of history you choose. You can manufacture a crisis and then implement a solution – and you can do it independently of the will of billions.” ……………. Quite true, DB, but only to a certain extent whenever it relies on the masses NOT KNOWING how they are manipulated by Elite Power System and Controlling IT Systems which, whenever they are investigated/explored/reverse engineered/challenged, [which is really just systems being deeply questioned and found to be wanting/lacking in having any truthful answers which systems controllers/executive office administration are able to freely, immediately share because of the perverse corruption and self-serving distortions which such information would reveal to all] for at that stage of ANY and ALL versions of a Great and/or Global Intelligence Game which has such manipulations deeply embedded in Core Processes, do the Games being played by such compromised and intellectually challenged individuals/corporate personalities/virtual identities collapse/implode/explode into A.N.Others’ Organised CHAOS and way beyond the reach and influence of previous, conventional and traditional control leverage.
The Great Game makes a Quantum Leap into Novel and Noble [and even Nobel] Fields of HyperRadioProActive IT?
The present global “troubles” are not so much as a result of a battle of individual competing and conflicting wills, although they have played their part in such pathetic shenanigans, but rather more a result of the free global sharing of simple ideas, which are also extremely complex and impossible to stop and deny are valid and true at that given moment, for they are so far advanced and effective as to be Virtually Magical with no known and exploitable vulnerabilities for a means of attack, whether that be considered necessarily defensive or offensive. To even begin to think to try and control adversely the free flow of fabulous future ideas, just because they deliver better power and more control to relatively anonymous others, who will always appear to appear out of nowhere and over which/whom there is no second and third party control leverage, is to render oneself immediately to everyone as a deluded fool and thoroughly useless tool, methinks.
Is that the real situation today y’all are not being told about ….. by those who have lost all legitimacy and any right to exercise control on behalf of the population, because they have so roundly abused what limited powers they may have thought they possessed, to obscenely enrich themselves at the expense of others who know not of such higher powers as are available to all with the right sort of guidance and mentoring and monitoring for assured delivery of guaranteed excellence?
The somewhat alien posit here, is that it is so, and that Organised Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems are exercising GOD Given Rights for Global Operating Devices in AI Turing Field and Sublime IntelAIgent Systems at the Man and Machine Interface with ITs Great Virtual Divides ……. Virtual Play Areas ….. Live Operational Virtual Environments.
And talking of clouds in that sense as we are, be under no illusion, for they are a key future component of Life on the Planet in CyberSpace, but not as you know it, or may have known it …… http://cryptome.org/0005/nist100711.htm


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