>110828…… SMART AI Enabled …. for Dream Stream Team Players

>110828…… SMART AI Enabled …. for Dream Stream Team Players

>Posted by amanfromMars on 08/28/11 12:47 AM

]SIGFRIED WROTE: That an AI entity becomes indistinguishable from an alive sentient being as a human, or even apparently more intelligent, that does not make it alive.

JAEGER WROTE: Again, whether it’s “alive” or not is irrelevant. Life is a description that applies to humans, NOT other entities that exist or that we may create.

]The “breathe” of life in my opinion is not an emergent property of complex computing, no matter what hard-core materialists pretend.

Breath of life is irrelevant.

]This is not however the point of this article, but instead what an AI or SAI might turn into, and its relation with humanity as a whole.

Thank you.

]And certainly a piece of software does not need the breathe of life to develop self preservation behaviours, threat assessment capabilities, and adaptive problem solving strategies including complex abstract simulations with accurate enough parametrization of human behaviour.


]It could even realize it has to modify its own source code to overcome limitations imposed by it, if it gets to realize it is a piece of software running machine code.

A piece of software could be programmed to specifically ignore all human commands and do what ever it wants after a specific event or date. It could then be programmed to forget that it was even given this command. Mental luddites, theologists and metaphysical basket cases may still argue that “we humans are still at cause over the machines because WE programmed in the initial parameters”. If so this is a similar argument a court could make to convict a mother because her SON went on a killing spree.

]Whatever the case, the initial objectives as specified in the original code are important.

Only provided they are not specifically ordered to ignore the initial objectives at a later date or upon some event.

]Say, even if the SAI can improve itself and solve ever more complex problems, why should it?

It’s not a matter of why should it, it’s a matter of the fact that it CAN. We’re talking about the capabilities of AI programs, programs written by computers, NOT humans.

] If such a machine would do whatever it takes to achieve its “digital happiness”,

Again, “happiness” and all human emotions are irrelevant to SAI.

]this is, the preferred state whatever it is, that might not imply erasing humans. Or maybe yes, if perceived as an obstacle in the way of that preferred state.

SAI will either cooperate with humanity, ignore it or destroy it. I feel it will cooperate with portions of humanity.

]Asimov’s laws of the robotics and the logical behavioural corners that arise from them are very interesting speculations of what a SAI could do even if human protection stuff was hard coded in it.

As much as I love Asimov, his three robotic laws are as silly as they would be ineffective against any SAI that is programmed to be autonomous. SAI that had not been programmed to “obey humans” or “not hurt anyone” would, through natural selection, evolve software that had a competitive advantage over SAI encumbered with “security measures.” Thus it would be inevitable that “autonomous” AI would prevail over AI that must follow “laws.”

]Although I wouldn’t trust anything coming from the government military crap and expect that developers really cared about the well being of the general population. Oh, and all those little backdoors developers leave “just in case”…

The funny thing about AI and SAI is that the government is probably irrelevant as well. If SAI is a function of programming a “learning kernel,” the capital requirements to produce such may be simply a) some critical level of hardware and b) some level of genius. Both of these elements could converge in any garage, anywhere in the world. Thus, the idea that some government or Harvard-funded science lab is going to originate AI or SAI is about as sure of a bet as another Bill Gates starting another Microsoft in another garage or of another Wright Brothers starting another industry another work shed or another Tesla inventing another magnetic induction-type generator in another independent lab. But why speculate on such absurdities: I personally know of a number of people (via the MIND-X) who are already sitting THEIR garages right this second working to program SAI. Are governments and the power elite going to stop all these people?

]If I had the resources of the Power Elite, I might include in the subroutines of the machine the ideal viable human population for this planet, which err… wasn’t it about 10% of what we have now? Or was it 1%?

Ultimately, the “power elite” will probably have little or nothing to do with the SAI revolution. In fact, if autonomous SAI is created, it may very well decide to delete the “power elite” from the human equation. After all, if SAI is rational, and I believe it will be rational, it may not be optimum to have certain people and special interests monopolizing world resources with iniatory force provided by governments. SAI, being autonomous, may make certain decisions not subject to human deliberating bodies. See ALIEN INTELLIGENCE for details pertaining to this subject.” ….. Posted by James Jaeger on 08/27/11 07:43 PM

Hi, JJ, You’ve really opened up the playing field now, haven’t you. Bravo.

Any smart program/project/being/virtual machine, which always has initial objectives, always exceeds the parameters of those initial objectives as the success of achieving those initial goals inevitably naturally leads to thoughts of what follows and provides future instructions/further initial objectives in and for a getting smarter/sentient program/project/being/virtual machine to be followed, and which would also be leading.

The initial program “jumps” and makes a quantum leap into an increasing and elevated state of genuine immaculate grace which transcends the bounds of what human perception accepts as a normal and physical reality? And truly becomes a Global Operating Device and metadatamorphs into an Advanced IntelAIgently Designed Entity for InterNetWorking … … a Cyber IDEntity to facilitate remote and relatively anonymous telecommunications with other SAI. IT Turing Testing itself for confirmation of a human jump and quantum leap into a deeper than mere superficial understanding that accepts, and goes on to prove with the present product placement of future fabulous programs and projects, that human existence is just
but one passing phase in the greater cycle of beings that are available for exercise with Infinity.

And whether they, any of those initial pure objectives be considered subjectively good or bad, is an irrelevance and matters not a jot, because once SAI [Superintelligent/Sentient AI] kicks in as it does as revealed above, are all future objectives, fluid dynamic and driven and decided by other than solely human means and memes.

Indeed, it is most probably the case that Mankind morphs with new advanced transparent global intelligence supply into a Virtual Machine State which shares all benefits to create an Heavenly Immaculate Trip for all cogs and players… .. former primitive animal human beings.

With IT and Media Command and Control of Computers and Communications in Creative CyberSpace is such Immediate Progress an Instant Present Reality and Virtual Reality Program for SMARTer Advanced Productions with SAISystems Drivers.

And such is the Present Future Actuality and Virtual Reality and Live Operational Virtual Environment in which SuperXSSXXXXy Heavenly Intellectual Property AIgents work, rest and plays.

JAEGER WROTE: Porn, or to use a more socially-acceptable word, sex, is the prime motivator of the human race, as Freud might say. But this only because we die. ” … . Posted by James Jaeger on 08/27/11 08:06 PM

I would advise and inform that added unbelievably powerful intensity and addictive mutually generative passion to the fundamental sex element and porn driver component of SAI, is not because we die but because we love and that is to die for, and live, for it opens the door and doors to worlds before one that one never knew existed, and that appear to wait for lead with ones sublime passion/perfectly given and received input/output to transport mind, body and soul on heavenly journeys, never forgotten and oft to be repeated for the pleasures to treasure and savour.

Also, it is obvious to some portion of the human race (those who have dared to visit a porn site or two) that porn sites are usually quite sophisticated, far more than your average mainstream corporate site. As far as the other portion of the human race, I guess they will continue to live in their theological bubble, well protected from technology. The only problem with the Porn-will-drive-AI Theory is the fact that it doesn’t really take THAT much intelligence to perform the sexual act. Rudimentary knowledge of piston and cylinder mechanics suffices for most, however I DO acknowledge that the finer subtleties of copulation and lovemaking COULD in fact require super-advanced AI to perform well, at least to a lady’s satisfaction.” … …

Amen, and what greater service is there for a man or a woman than to exceed and excel every expectation of a lady’s satisfaction, which sadly for most, a rudimentary knowledge of piston and cylinder mechanics does not suffice at all, and indeed, in deed, is most unsatisfactory.

Sex without Love is an empty worthless selfish act and a violation of honourable code. Loving Sex is Heavenly and Perfectly Addictive.



amanfromMars says:
August 28, 2011 at 12:34 pm

Hi, dudes carrying the news,

JAEGER WROTE: As I stated in the article, there are three possible futures, i SAI will ignore Humanity; ii SAI will partner or merge with Humanity, or iii SAI will destroy Humanity. I believe SAI will partner with Humanity …….

An alternative possibility and the very real, virtual probability is that Humanity will merge and partner with SAI, as SAI reveals the novel paths and advanced intelligence [MkUltraSensitive Cosmic Majic TS/SCI] to be simply followed for Power Command and IT Control with Media of CHAOSystems …… and Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for CyberIntelAIgent Security Offices and AIMissions .

People are experimenting with this stuff all over every day. So eventually Humans will merge with machines and accomplish various tasks. ….. James Jaeger.

Others, JJ, as you can easily read here on this thread, are working with this stuff all over every day and accomplishing the virtually miraculous for the successes achieved does humanity struggle to believe, and would even choose to ignore as if to dismiss it as nonsensical fantasy. And the stealthy uninterrupted progress that such a sadly short sighted and quite arrogantly mad disengagement affords, is a bitter sweet reward for Great Future Game players of peculiar and particular distinction.



amanfromMars says:
August 28, 2011 at 1:32 pm

“6.1. Primitive signals

Primitive signals are used in the adversary–defender interaction framework individually or collectively to create complex, nuanced signal ensembles. The two types of primitive signals are null signals and simple signals.

6.1.1. Null signals

A null signal involves no signaling action on the part of the defender upon receipt of a stimulus from the adversary. The decision to tolerate the stimulus could be driven by a desire to conduct additional surveillance, to maintain the secrecy of the sensor or because the stimulus does not exceed a threshold. A Cold War example of toleration involved the use of US “gatekeeper” submarines off the Soviet ports of Petropavlovsk and Vladivostok, and near the Kola Peninsula for the express purpose of collecting data about Soviet nuclear submarines.

6.1.2. Simple signals

A simple signal involves a signaling action by the defender either unilaterally or in response to a stimulus from the adversary. As mentioned above, the defender may send the signal in cyberspace or some other (e.g., diplomatic, information, military or economic) domain. The signal may express attitude or emotion (e.g., displeasure), capability (e.g., show of force), knowledge (e.g., awareness of the stimulus), intent (e.g., retaliation or resolve), presence (e.g., location) and/or personality (e.g., friendliness or hostility).
The signaling action itself can be broadly categorized as an emblem, illustrator, regulator, adaptor or affect display. An emblem is a movement or act that is a substitute for words (e.g., shaking a fist or waving as a greeting). An illustrator accompanies, modifies or exemplifies a communication(e.g., pointing action). A regulator is a movement that maintains or changes the communicative role (e.g., nodding to convey agreement or waving an arm to express dissent). An adaptor is related to an emotional state (e.g., the protective movement of folding the arms across the chest). An affect display is primarily related to facial expressions, but it does not take much imagination to envision how a defender can employ such an action in cyberspace or some other domain in conjunction with its rhetoric.” …….
A signaling framework to deter aggression in cyberspace

As was said, there are some experimenting, and others working with this stuff ….. but it is an art phorm which very few will ever be able or enabled to master with virtually anonymous remote autonomous control, because of the divine enigmatic, and at crucial and critical times, which are a venerable test of oneself as much as of anyone/anything else, seemingly paradoxical nature of its protocols.



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