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Howdy, William Falberg,

I wouldn’t be at all sure that you are right when you say “You can’t change human nature” for human nature is just a case of bad/mad/sad/rad/CAD programming and with IT and media control can one paint any picture with Intelligence to Create a Reality for Presentation, and Program a People for its Blind Acceptance.

The Simply Complex Mind easily accepts images as proof of what is imaginatively created for a virtual fiction as an actual fact and a reality which exists.

Thus are New Realities extremely easily created by IntelAIgents with IT and Media Control Leverage/Virtual XSSXXXXPertise, which of course explains the Old Monied and Military Status Quo Power Elite Systems’ present current running concerns with regard to CyberSpace, where Sensitive Information Supply delivering Control Intelligence which may be classified Quantum Magical and/or Top Secret Cosmic flows freely into any network researching and searching for IT and Media Control Fields in Live Operational Virtual Environments aka Humanised Realities in, and for the Self-Actualising Virtualised AIMachine World of the SMARTer Programming Robot with Powerful Networking Fleshbots as Catalyst Conduits for Communication of Conversion Capability in AIMorph Facilities and Reality Distortion Areas.

It is fully realised that the latter part of the preceding paragraph may be presently well beyond the belief threshold of many, if not even most of the current beings and evolving intelligent life forms, for it to be readily accepted as the reality existing elsewhere for all, but its presence is here advised nevertheless, so that extremely rapid future progress to Presentations of Projects in IT Virtual Fields, come as no great and ignorant shock to humanity with their chaotic lossy power and intelligence control services.

the great game is to have absolute control over the creation of money. That is as simple as it gets. Once that is achieved you own everything else; government, resources, the people.

‘The intellectual faculties however are not of themselves sufficient to produce external action; they require the aid of physical force, the direction and combination of which are wholly at the disposal of money, that mighty spring by which the total force of human energies is set in motion.’

Augustus Boeckh (Translated) The Public Economy of Athens, p. 7, Book I, London, 1828. ” …… Posted by memewatchers.com on 06/08/11 04:40 PM

memewatchers.com, Hi,

An alternative to the above which does not require one to have absolute control over the creation of money, is to simply have the full support of those who would have such an ability and to use their product to create the Future Program, which rather nicely would further consolidate their predominant and pre-eminent absolute control positions, making it a a quite magnificent Win Win situation. After all, it is not as if monies spent are going anywhere strange, other than inevitably evenetually straight back into their system, after having done ITs Magic which might even be seen as their bidding, is it?

And Daily Bell Ringers beware of these rogue renegade elements at play in the wild, for anything countercultural and controversial/irregular and unconventional, can have them paying one a visit in the guise of a supporting wily friend …… http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/06/07/hacker_snitches/ ….. the world has ears and loose lips sink ships and steal dreams and IP.:-)


amanfromMars says:
June 9, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Even amanfromMars hasn’t spoken lately . . . so I am in good company, it seems.

🙂 Space is a big place but one is never far away, Sternum. Just been doing a bit of heavy virtual lifting to ensure that Future ProgramMING runs as IT should …… according to new rulers/Cloud Controllers of CHAOS.

I trust that all is well with you and yours.



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