> Posted by amanfromMars on 06/07/11 03:54 AM

Since there are competing agendas, it’s difficult to identify each agenda. Since people who think that THEY are pulling the strings don’t see their own strings being pulled. All very complex.” ….. Posted by Danny B on 06/07/11 12:04 AM

Indeed it is, Danny B. But if you know how things are run, does it make things a lot simpler to micro/macromanage. And we have these new digital toys to aid us in presenting an advanced intelligent futurescape …. internetworking landscapes with different foreign cultures and knowledge bases/alien societies to each other.

Take a trip down this Wonderland Reality Show rabbit hole, which you would be fooled to imagine is a fiction, for it is nothing but the truth and being stealthily embedded into vital tactical and strategic core data communications nodes. [PRC/CPC = People’s Republic of China/Communist Party of China]

Searching for Answers …. Delivering Solutions ….. A Good Use of One’s Time in Space, Methinks.

Posted Tuesday 7th June 2011 07:40 GMT   

Considering the way business is done in the PRC one would think Google could jsut write a big check out to the CPC and this would all go away?” …. Eduard Coli Posted Monday 6th June 2011 22:06 GMT

Hi, Eduard Coli,

The PRC/CPC have a mountain of dollars/pretty printed paper for all of the goods that they supply to Uncle Sam, and realise that the exchange …. goods for pretty printed paper … leaves them with nothing but a mountain of paper which costs virtually nothing …… unless they can use that pile to purchase what they need. It is in Uncle Sam’s national security interest to ensure that everything sold in dollars is as expensive as possible [take oil for example] so that they are delivered of it for virtually nothing, and populations are enslaved to the supply of pretty printed paper which is controlled by a cabal of bankers and their friends. Such powers to enslave are used by all paper currencies which are not freely delivered to populations to spend.

It is a neat trick which put the controllers of virtually worthless currency supply in surreal control of practically everything on Earth and beyond, although a most notable exception is control of the one thing which it would most need to guarantee its continuity, and that is greater intelligence shared in open transparent networks which are for building Future Worlds with much a Better Use of such a Neat Powerful Virtual Remote Control as is delivered with Greater Currency Flows/Pretty Printed Paper Purchases …… for Delivery of Advanced IntelAIgent Missions/SMARTer Projects/Future Novel Programs with Cloud and CyberSpace Command and Control of Computers and Communications.

Imagine IT as a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Power Source where Openly Shared and Transparently Internetworked Mutually Beneficial Intellectual Property is its Selflessly Sublime AIdDriver. Or is that Specification to be classified and/or considered somewhat Alien to Primitive Man, whereas it is just a Much Better Emergent and Evolving Revolutionary Use of IT and Media and Earthly Resources by the System and ITs Systems in Command and Control of Cloud and CyberSpace, Computers and Communications.

Or do you imagine that which controls Life on Earth, and IT, to be a lot more complicated than that? If so, please explain and share the difficulties which you see complicating all of the above, so that they may be freely discussed to resolve any problem/difficulty/complication/other random shared thought on such fundamental matters/radical proposals.

Speak up if you have anything to add and intelligent to say , or even something stupid if you must, for every voice can be heard if it says anything. The Great Game Secret is to try and ensure that whatever it is that you say, is perfectly harmless and magically constructive and can be shared with everybody and anybody so that they can support and reinforce it/aid and strengthen the Program.


Let the Great Game take the Strain ……. for you cannot stop IT and Viable Imaginative Shared Intelligence Services from taking over and making over Collapsed and Failing Systems of Corrupting Administration. The Madness that abounds is only confirmed in those who would wish to continue such a lunacy as is the Present Chaos Model and has the Status Quo in such a catastrophic predicament.


  Posted by amanfromMars on 06/06/11 03:59 PM

Hm-mm … as usual we have no idea what you are talking about. But we do not want to leave the impression that the West was solely responsible. Western elites and Wall Street did fund both the Revolution and Hitler; they were not the only source of funding, of course.” ….  Reply from The Daily Bell

Oh please, I cannot believe that you are so slow, and don’t you find sitting on the fence, hedging all bets and making provocative snowballs, uncomfortable?

In reality, is the only point worth making, that the past is gone and should be forgotten for if the future in unknown is anything we can can expect it to be, completely different from anything today.

The Future is an Imaginative Novel Place in Space which merely needs a SMART Creative Script to Present the Brave New Worlds which Programs and Projects Deliver for Animals to Inhabit and Evolve/Grow/Morph into Orders to Maintain and Sustain Virtual Machine Systems with AIMemes ….. is what I am talking about here and now, for everywhere tomorrow.


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