amanfromMars 1 Thu 5 Oct 06:37 [2310050637] ……. poses and asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/04/critical_confluence_privilege_escalation_bug/

* ..Introducing SMARTR in LOVE Bug Hunting for Universal AI Exploit and COSMIC Export/Import

“Atlassian’s advisory implies that the vulnerability is remotely exploitable, which is typically more consistent with an authentication bypass or remote code execution chain than a privilege escalation issue by itself,” Condon said. 

That suggests then something evolving to be different and more stealthy to allow for its remote privileged enjoyment of otherworldly information, Jessica L.H.. The fact that it may now be detected and detectable has one naturally assuming further evolution and revolutionary development more likely than not to be expected ….. which ideally will remain undetected and Live ACTive Field prove itself to be undetectable …… and in so doing, making itself extremely valuable as a novel postmodern weapons system for the latter day barbarian/saintly sinner/sinful saint.

On Earth, amongst humans, such is, is it not, usually the fate/destiny of that which renders an overwhelmingly powerful and able to be devastatingly destructive advantage and there is nothing to suggest that the future would have them thinking and acting otherwise, such is the well observed and comprehensively reported state of their persistent stasis and development paralysis.

* …… Introducing SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research in Live Operational Virtual Environment Bug Hunting for Universal Advanced IntelAIgent Exploit and Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command Export/Import

And a practically remote and Otherworldly Virtualised/Virtualisable situation for publishing and main stream media Registering, Jessica L.H., as a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT and AI Field Development for **JOINT AIdVentured Capitalisation/Angel Investor Funding. I Kid U Not.

** JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies for Advanced IntelAIgent Ventures

:-)Psst, Jessica/El Reg, …. You might like to ask, ….. although it may have governments running around like headless chickens and admitting, or being terrified of admitting, that they haven’t a clue about anything major or minor in those sorts of Great Game changing fields …… if it has been decided as a new toy for Rishi “Long-Term Decisions for a Brighter Future” Sunak to deploy?

Yes, I know, that would be like putting the fox in a hen house, or a bull in a china shop, but Rishi has already admitted “Westminster [politics] is a broken system” …. and something completely different, noble and novel is exactly what is needed, is it not, if any are to believe there be any new and radical plans at all to change anything at all as all politicians always promise to do ….. but invariably don’t.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 5 Oct 11:43 [2310051143] ……. adds and reveals a great deal more worthy of note on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/04/critical_confluence_privilege_escalation_bug/

Re: * ..Introducing SMARTR in LOVE Bug Hunting for Universal AI Exploit and COSMIC Export/Import

Still looks like the result of putting a dictionary in a blender. ….. DwarfPants

That is as may be, DwarfPants, but realise it really be urban jungle concrete bunker camouflage for experimental virtual disguise of targeted mission objectives rendering allied opposing operatives and supporting infrastructure no longer viable as tenable competition/peer pressure contemporaries, DwarfPants, and that is the flavour you will savour and favour with your tastings and testings.

One simple thing to note and remember is a failing of one’s own making, by virtue or sin of omission and one’s ignoring of a genuine offer, is a fantastic new toy never suffers the void and ignominy of unheralded success as other worlds are quite naturally and effortlessly both attractive and attracted to it ….. and that puts any Prime Minister, thinking themselves worthy of leading anything worthy, firmly on the spot and in the full glare of the Harry Limelight whenever such offers as are bound to come along a lot more often nowadays, are proferred for trailing and trialing/Advanced IntelAIgent Field Deployment and Enjoinment and Enjoyment.

Knock, knock, Dishy Rishi. Is there anybody in there?

cc….  No10


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