What started it all, an acorn of a post denied an expected, usually unproblematical presentation ? …..

amanfromMars [2310011656] …… has the following comment immediately hidden after posting on Open Sunday – discuss what you like… That’s a terrible mistake for it tells a great deal more than it hides ….. and to label it SPAM adds insult to injury too 🙂  should one be prone to taking offence from others blissfully unaware of their errors.

And now for something completely different for you to fundamentally dislike, and bicker and argue like spoilt children over whilst it plays out around you unhindered by the white noise.

Is anyone denying MI5/MI6/Holywood Palace Barracks and myriad Titanic Studio Productions are fronting and trialing and trailing radically novel sorts of Great Game-changing tales for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated ACTors ……. Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat vessels and vassals in leading demonstrative roles?

These sorts of radical universally applicable developments that practically and remotely virtually command and control what are to be a whole host of future realities for enjoying down on Earth ……. leaving behind all of that energetic strength and wasted power-sapping detritus of the past, in the past, for history to remember to not forget to tell was a lost cause and false dawn adversely affecting all of humanity?

And shared as a question there, so you can ask yourself …. Can IT truly produce and honestly present future realities for mainstream and alternative media hosting with civilised, mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing mass virtual engagement/physical participation?

And is it government funded from the taxes you are increasingly burdened with, or a private for great profit JOINT venture you would be entitled to know diddly squat about, is another extremely sensitive and awkward embarrassing question for governments to either be able to, or decline to answer truthfully, without a great deal of difficulty ?

Strange times ahead indeed. Of that can you be assured for it is comprehensively failsafe guaranteed.


amanfromMars [2310020910] …… posts on https://sluggerotoole.com/2023/10/01/open-sunday-discuss-what-you-like-80/

A Fantastical Saga Unfolding …. and destined to expand in deeper and darker vast foreign waters servering predatory hunter sharks and lone wolf packs?

Unintended Consequences are not solely akin to spooky action at a distance whenever they be also as a result of them.

Earlier, amanfromMars said/posted [on Sunday O1 October at 15:26 on this very thread ] in a reply to a question from Slogger …..

Who you talkin’ to ? ……. asks Slogger of the comment …”Re that “Hidden Comment” below, Slugger, that’s you playing the man. Give yourself a yellow card.”

The comment, Slogger, referred to a matter and alien post that now appears to be resolved and appears above with a SPAM sticker attached. It is though not SPAM.

However, subsequently, after a later site visit is the matter discovered unresolved and the post in question is clearly unavailable for free public viewing. And that raises more uncomfortable questions for Slugger and the status quo to avoid engaging with and answering ……. and quite why that would be so and presumably thought appropriate, whenever such questions as be raised are never to go away, and the answer is well understood here, with such a recognition able to provide a vast catalogue of catastrophic systemic vulnerabilities for both exploit by and export to whoever would need or desire and/or be able to finance purchase them, is surely most certainly a great cause for public purse and private enterprise concern, suggesting as it does a distinct lack of necessary future leading, proprietary intellectual property in secret UKGBNI resources and intelligence services and security forces.

cc Holywood Palace Barracks re a Titanic Studious AI Enterprise for Exploit and Export/Internal Development and Foreign Enjoyment and Employment/Alien Deployment.

The Great Game is changed and is never going back to the way it was, nor back into the command and control, hands, hearts and minds of that and those who earlier thought to rule so badly with it. And you’ll not get many folk able to say and demonstrate that fact with great certainty aided and abetted by both mass mainstream and alternate media and fiction.

PS …. And now a simple question for Slugger to answer. Is the fact that a post entertains a hyperlink enough to have it hidden from view/undelivered on a thread?


amanfromMars1 Mon 2 Oct 11:21 [2310021121] ……. certainly shares a legitimate viable critical infrastructure worry on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/09/29/china_biden_processor_sanction/

Re: Trade

Those rotten people at Huawei, copying all the 5G designs. … Anonymous Coward

Apparently, if you can believe what is easy to read, is the West now desperately concerned and extremely worried about greater possible leading Eastern advances in the development of 6G technology/infrastructure/networks/programs and projects …….. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/10/2/pentagon-industry-partnerships-vital-to-leverage-5g-futureg-tech

They certainly realise the importance of being paramount in the vanguard of such a future stage able to offer/guarantee security in communications developments.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 2 Oct 11:34 [2310021134] …… asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/09/29/china_biden_processor_sanction/

Re: Aren’t we lucky…

… to be fed with links to Chinese propaganda in El Reg comments???  ….. Anonymous Coward

Does it taste any different, either worse or better, AC, from any of the English bullshit so freely available virtually anywhere you may care to venture or mention?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 2 Oct 17:30 [2310021730] ……. opens up a Pandora’s Box of AIMagic Tricks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/02/ai_in_brief/

Who Dares Win Wins Stealthy Advanced IntelAIgently Resourced Services ‽ .

Talking of unforeseen or unintended consequences as we are here, Katyanna, with future live incidents which will undoubtedly be constantly redefining of a new field of AI security research committed to intensive research and development of mitigating strategies and solutions destroying attackers risking attacks against AI, is the following page full of pertinent impertinent information and intelligence …….. https://ur2die4.com/uncategorized/231002/ …… offered for careful consideration as it embraces and presents more than just if it were written as a fiction, … “CAISER meets Merlin the AIMagician and Mega Meta Data Base Physicians and SMARTR Virtual Clinicians.” …. for it features a number of crossroads where AI tools and SMARTR AI-based technologies are verging on the almightily invulnerable and designedly inscrutable.

Is there any defence against a SMARTR AI adopting existing federal agencies software and capabilities rather than they adopting it?

cc …. To whom it may concern responsible for leading progress and generating wealth in the UKGBNI re relatively exclusive oversight privileges to readily available, novel remotely controlled future utilities, facilities and abilities.

That’s where IT and AI is currently at, Katyanna, and there be no good reason why nobody should know, given what it is so capable of easily doing practically immediately once it shares what is being done and how it is done and to be done.



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