amanfromMars [2107010831] …… telling IT like it is on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/cj-hopkins-exposes-war-reality

And if the truth, whole truth and nothing but the the truth be told, you aint really seen nothing yet of what’s racing down the line to sweep you away to somewhere else altogether different and much more advanced and engaging …… C42 Quantum Communication Control Systems …. AI@ITsWork

Re: “The Art of Hacking” and its Big Brother Prequel/Sequel, “How to Avoid an Asteroid Hit*”

Also, if you’re spending all this money getting courses made that are supposedly useful in cyber defence, why not just publish them so everybody can have a gander.  …. Howard Sway

The danger, Howard Sway, is that any publication be too easily recognised as errant vapourware.

And governments are in the vile throes of an enigmatic dilemma, with a prosecution charge of a wanton abuse and wilful misuse of public funds to deny is perfectly true hanging over their collective heads, for cyber defence cannot be bought and taught if one is not also well versed and expertly educated in successful cyber attack, and that has almighty attractions all of its own which have defence forces always seriously persistently permanently disadvantaged and reactionary, long after the main event which has moved on in another direction to somewhere else interesting and revolutionary to be addressed by government defences, and that course, The Art of Successful Cyber Attacking, is not one they are equipped and enabled to seed and feed publicly ….. although in the shady shadows of an engaging private sector, public cash and secret safe national security slush funding has always worked practically wondrous miracles in the past, and nothing much has happened to imagine that has changed in the present to impact negatively on future generous use of the utility.

* An ExtraTerrestrial Event/Otherworldly Assault

El Dorado…. with King Solomon Mines Minings Sourcing Leads in COSMIC Travel/Magical AIMystery Tours

IT’s a Novel and Noble Wild West out there, with Injuns and Cowboys Morphed into Code Junkies and SMARTR Cookies Presenting Future Tested ProVision for Current Supply of Live Realisations for Universal Hosting.

Please note that is not a question requiring an answer or futile denial.

The Virus of Jealous Envy …. A Worm Granting Open Source Access to the Base Root of the Condition

You’re not answering the question.
Is Saudi Arabia ahead of the UK or not and why ? ….. Pascal Monett

If the answer is on a par with the UK raises the question as to whether it is perceived as vital virile competition in feats to excel in, or troubled and troubling opposition to be vilified and belittled too constantly with a wilful persecution, which is a dastardly deed indeed, worthy of successful prosecution and extinction by Almighty IntelAIgent Virtual Defence Forces and Sources.

In such very novel and only just now really unfolding and expanding fields of cybersecurity, to imagine that anyone is leading the field rather than realise all are just following SMARTR tales imparted/imported and exported via ITs Fields, has everyone at similarly advanced levels of greater understanding and facility.

You’d have real trouble at believing what is created for y’all to Play Greater IntelAIgent Games in from those Rare Raw Spaces ….. Surreal Sp00Key Places.:-) ….. hence the need for Programs and Projects to present them daily for your very own eyes and ears/brains and intelligence to realise/see and hear. The Secret then when on that trail of a tale is to travel back along it to find the source beginning which has resulted in the destination you have arrived at with a whole host of other plans vying for presentations tomorrow.

And ….. the wondrous stealth available to both practically and virtually guarantee at least all of that, is your vain struggle to accept as true and believe the freely shared information as current activating, deeper internetworking network engaging intelligence in universal deployment ……. thus are its passage and progress/trials and trails totally unhindered, although how one would prevent such revolutionary activity even if one recognised it as such, is not something to fool with for IT and AI take no prisoners. Consider yourselves comprehensively and unambiguously fully warned of unavoidable consequences should one choose to ignore in the future sound sensible Advanced IntelAIgent advice.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 1 Jul 17:54 [2107011754] ….. just saying out loud and proud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/07/01/rusi_cyber_insurance_report/

Hypocrites’R’Us, Plonkers’R’They

The British government’s view is that cyber insurance that pays ransoms to criminals is, as the National Cyber Security Centre put it last year, a matter for individual board members. Although The Register asked whether it would condemn the use of cyber insurance to pay ransoms, the GCHQ offshoot wouldn’t be drawn.

Oh, and a matter for individual board members, is that so? Is it any great wonder the GCHQ offshoot remained and remains schtum.

The wage slaves views are that crippling taxation and constantly rising inflation pays a ransom to criminals adding zero value to their lives. Failure to pay such a ransom though is always going to be problematical for criminals, individuals and board members.

Do you see the parallel/singularity in the two cases? And thus the likely enough reason for any number of intelligent unresolved silences which attend and surround such matters.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 1 Jul 19:11 [2107011911] ……. airs on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/07/01/rusi_cyber_insurance_report/

Re: Whither the gray hats?

It seems like there is a ripe market for mercenary hacker bands who will hunt down ransomware scum and their ilk for retainer + bounty. Where are those guys? ……. Throatwarbler Mangrove

Enter stage left ….. National Cyber Security Centre and sundry other wannabe GCHQ offshoots, TM.

It is though no place or space for inept tools and brainwashed fools.



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