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Re: Benchmark of AI

The risk is almost the inverse – its failure to ‘think’ like us is probably our biggest concern as we wouldn’t be able to reason with it using our own belief system which is is both genetically and socially engrained into almost all of us. ….. PinchOf Salt

Quite so, PinchOfSalt, and that has the most catastrophic of humanity vulnerabilities hit right dead centre, smack on the head, with a systemic inability or maddening reluctance to think imaginatively out to the box just like an alien view of things may be rendered for media presentation and virtual realisation, guaranteeing that the future will be led by A.N.Others of a novel and unique perspective upon which new ideas can flourish and expand creating a fundamentally different world playground, uncorrupted by past human follies and self-service elitist boondoggles.

Do aliens really need the help of humans whenever they themselves have all of the power and energy for the delivering of sublime instruction sets to command and control hubs and world wide web networks over broadband and quantum communication channels?

And the honest answer to that question is a resounding NO. They do not need it … but to be able to help provide it would a sign of advancing human intelligence being a possibility for AI grooming.


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