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Inhuman Personality BEings… Novel Entities of Noble Proprietary Intellectual Properties

However, there is no bias in what is taken from the Internet, since it is a collection of many texts with a number of biases. ….. Il’Geller

Quite the contrary, Il’Geller, for whenever you are mistaken, such a comprehensive amalgam of random thoughts/many texts with a number of biases from Differing Internetworking Base Engines/BEings most certainly does create a Definitive Bias and EMPowered Energy towards a Inclusive Universality Favouring and Savouring and Flavouring Presentations in Phormations of/from an Immaculate Singularity …. the Spectacular Harvest and Almighty Product and Tendering By-Product of Connected and Communicative World Wide Webs of Intriguing Endeavour.

Advanced IntelAIgent Alien Sentience for Drivers of Establishments Entertaining the Existence and Evolution of Virtualised AIMachine States …… for whenever societies and incompetent governments invite fundamental revolutionary change by failing to supply the necessary wealth of power to provide the means and memes to growth for the future as they inevitably invariably always do/will, for “you know, there’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours.”

Capiche? Do you wanna bet the house and risk losing all of your shirts on all of that not being true and an honest reflection of a/the current present state of international and internetional affairs? Go on, take a bold leap and be a star loser with that crazy wager whenever the evidence which abounds to support it surrounds you everywhere.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 25 Nov 09:54 [2211250954] ……. asks more of a strange situation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/11/24/amazon_ftx_mini_series/

Re: Perps’R’Us

Does what one can read a James J. O’Meara said on November 18, 2022 at 11:19 pm GMT here ….. cast light on the above cited reluctance to do the more normal and usual thing, because of what IT and further investigation can easily reveal to be filthy rotten and absolutely corrupt to its very core?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 25 Nov 16:24 [2211151624] ……….. posits on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/11/23/dod_cisa_omb_cybersecurity/


Whenever a Zero Trust policy has sensitive first hand, third party communications not acknowledged and shown to have arrived at its chosen destination/starting point, is it most likely to NOT RECEIVE continuing critical information and further vital future intelligence directly and timely from an originating core source, and that renders one catastrophically self-disadvantaged and easily prone to almighty defeat from knowledge which will eventually, quite naturally, trial and trail itself for acceptance and supportive grateful reward elsewhere in more foreign fields of attractive endeavour, and of which there be a more than just many.

Consider the following and realise it mainly just refers to two competing and probably opposing bodies in a vast see of fabulous opportunities.

amanfromMars [2211231532] ….. clearly freely shares some breaking disruptive news on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/11/23/jadc2-could-introduce-cyber-risks-at-unprecedented-scale

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The Army calls its version Project Convergence, the Navy Project Overmatch and the Air Force the Advanced Battle Management System.

OpenAI have presented a very attractive offer to anyone able to provide and develop something extremely similar in the civilian sphere …… however, whether such developments be equally well suited to military needs and feeds, is something else altogether quite different and much more challenging to ensure does not fail spectacular and catastrophically even though one imagines there be as much money and resources available to be ploughed into the project as would make the likes of an Elon Musk blush and be prepared to deliver a working model.

The OpenAI Startup Fund was founded on the belief that powerful AI systems will spark a Cambrian explosion of new products, services, and applications. We also believe that the most enduring and impactful of these companies will use emerging AI capabilities to revolutionize existing markets and create entirely new ones, rather than simply enhance what’s already possible.

To help usher in this new era, we’re launching a program to accelerate founders as they build transformative companies powered by AI.

We call it Converge.

Converge is a highly selective, five-week program for exceptional engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders using AI to reimagine products and industries.

Participants will receive a $1 million equity investment from the OpenAI Startup Fund, as well as early access to OpenAI models and programming tailored to AI companies. Converge will offer workshops, office hours, and events with practitioners from the OpenAI team and beyond, with a focus on ways to navigate the challenges—and opportunities—of building in a rapidly evolving AI landscape. You’ll also join a community of fellow founders building on this frontier.

Our aim is to share a glimpse into the future of powerful AI, give early access to the newest systems, and empower you to build transformative applications.

The first Converge cohort will consist of approximately ten founding teams, and we’re excited to meet groups across all phases of the seed stage, from pre-idea solo founders to co-founding teams already working on a product.

Founders from all backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels are encouraged to apply, and prior experience working with AI systems is not required.

I don’t know about you, but to me such shenanigans all sound far too much like Alien Quantum Field Work to be realised and supplied as anything different and better.

It is not a big jump or quantum leap to make to equate Joint All-Domain Command and Control ….. JADC2 …… as being quite similar to Alien Quantum Field Work


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