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Having a glorious rifle in and magnificent browse through a Pandora’s Open Box ?

“Cyber weapons are digital and volatile by nature. Stealing them and transferring from one continent to another, can be as simple as sending an email. They are also very obscure, and their mere existence is a closely guarded secret. That is exactly why, as opposed to a nuclear submarine, stealing a cyber-weapon can easily go under the radar and become a fact known only to a selected few.”

Amen to that, Brothers and Sisters. And as they are also both physical and metaphysically invisible and intangible, they are remarkably easy to sell to that which and/or those who know what they are buying, and buying into. And that opens up a whole new world of virgin opportunity and otherworldly, out of this world enterprise.

And as cold a comfort as an opposite disagreeable view and voice might be, I very much doubt that the NSA knew of the Chinese use of their exploit long before the the Shadow Brokers’ leak.

Some would say that reveals the endemic catastrophic systemic flaw in Wild Wacky Western Uncle Sam like operations, their fervent almighty misplaced belief that they possess and process and exercise an absolutely unique and exclusive overall executive global command and control leverage with a hindsight enriched foresight with knowledge and insider information of likely planned future events and 0days, whenever they so clearly do not clearly entertain and display such an ability and facility and utility.

Now, with that having been said and revealed, and it matters not a jot whether you clearly see and agree with the analysis or not, and that such can be, and therefore is so easily so, is such a described ability and facility and utility one of those new fangled, entangling NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive cyber weapons being sold nowadays under the radar to a select few?


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Re: Having a glorious… …Box

Is there any other sweeter pain to invite and endure and assure with the selfless acceptance and delivery of its pleasures, AC?


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Meanwhile, subsequently …….

The warlord of Wu nodded and smiled. “That is all good and well, but which is easier to debug?”
The programmer made no reply.

However, a short time later, after a spell of quiet reflection, the programmer decided a suitable reply in the future would be …. “Always the easier of the two, or the easiest of the three or more, to bug”

Such he concluded would be quite enough to be adequately engaging of the intelligence efforts of others at resolving persistent revolving door like problems.


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Crikey, whoever would have a’thunk it, although they are Registered posts, guaranteed prime delivery.

There’s a huge lot of highly sensitive information and extremely stealthy intelligence leaking on this thread.


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Re: Offence vs Defence. There’s No Escaping the Truth

If we really want to be serious about stopping hacking and guard things like the power grid, the US government needs to change the emphasis to reducing vulnerabilities, not exploiting them. ….. hammarbtyp

That could/would definitely be SMARTR, however it is not in their nature, says the drowned scorpion to the dead frog, thus they and any misguided and trusting allies be certainly doomed ‽ .

The problem then that arises and expands is would be good friends disappear, almighty deadly enemies increase and every other man, woman and child learns not to encourage or participate in their idiotic great games plays/Projects for the New American Century 

And one has to be real thick and extremely stupid to not realise that as it phorms and surrounds you, to destroy you with novel forces and immaculate sources from deep within the home body core, incensed and enraged at what one has allowed oneself to become, super naturally and decidedly designedly devilishly if one doesn’t want to accept the responsibility and accountability for one’s actions and plans for actions. But it is what it is and what everyone sees right before their very eyes.


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Re: The mission is top secret

Whenever some missions are to be top secret, as one hopes many are to be, if ever there is a case of … Chairman Greg Clark, an MP for the ruling Conservatives, said: “The Government must make up its mind and say what Aria’s mission is to be. The Government’s financial commitment to supporting such an agency is welcome, but the budget will not be put to good use if [its] Aria’s purpose remains unfocused.” …… one can rightly ask for which foreign power is that MP working.

Knowing what you already know of expense claiming Parliamentarians, who in their right mind would burden them with top secrets, the mere knowledge of which renders them likely targets for extreme action designed for them not to survive and prosper from?



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