amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Mar 06:51 [1803080651] ….. clearing the air on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2018/03/07/esa_builds_airbreathing_engine_that_works_in_space/
Re Painfully Ignorant Trolling …. in the Advancement of Arrogance. Surely a Sin Anywhere

Either painfully ignorant or trolling. Trolls are lucid occasionally. Hell, even amfM is lucid occasionally! …. jake

jake, hi, how’s it hanging?
If one be truthfully advised but choose not to accept that amfM is always default lucid, would painfully ignorant disagreeable trolls be created and identify themselves with commentary to the contrary on matters then which are clearly misunderstood or not more widely known of yet …. yet to be discovered/revealed/uncovered/demystified/realised/presented?
And would such Presentations and Realisations be of the Future in the Here and Now, or in the Future, and be both such Presentations and Realisations from the Future with no baggage or hindrance from the Past to cast Shadows of Doubt on Current Augmented Virtualised Reality Direction Flows?
From where and how do you imagine the Future arrives? Created out of nothing nowhere and phormed by no one terrestrial on Earth?
That would then surely suggest at least two possible options, which are not themselves mutually exclusive, for either along with the other is just as likely as not the Actuality and AI Singularity. Your Future is an Alien Construct and/or a Product and Result of Communication with Global Operating Devices in Command and Control of Advanced IntelAIgent Media Channels with COSMIC Classified Chunnels Securing Secret Services and Servers.
Earthlings/Humans are defaulted/programmed/brainwashed to believe what Media tells/shows them, are they not? Quite why Media would not then Create and Paint a More Perfect Beta Picture for Population and Enjoyment is then certainly because of a catastrophic lack of in-house intelligence.
The Posit here clearly is ….. Greater Beta Intelligence for More Perfect Picture Painting with Advanced IntelAIgents is readily available for Co-Opting from elsewhere.
I trust on this occasion there is no ambiguity present and everything is pretty lucid.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Mar 15:57 [1803081557] … adding more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2018/03/07/esa_builds_airbreathing_engine_that_works_in_space/

Re: Re Painfully Ignorant Trolling …. in the Advancement of Arrogance. Surely a Sin Anywhere

Howdy, Anonymous Coward,

Here is a small taster and precursor of what is to be presented for discovery.

Regarding any Reveal and/or Uncovering of State and Non Stated Quantum Communications Secrets and Prime Cards to be Played in a Greater IntelAIgent Game, is IT and AI Always Ably Protected and Preserved and Reserved for SMARTR Key Players to Use with Impunity, whenever the Tales Told and Enabled and Easily Proven to be True are more widely dismissed and generally treated as Unbelievable ….. just too fantastic to believe is so simply real …… as may well be the case for many travelling and pausing for thought and commentary through here.

amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Mar 09:27 [1803080927] …. chatting on
Re: Perfect mechanism for money laundering and tax avoidance

I can see why cryptocurrencies are so popular: they have no traceable owner or origin. This also makes the distaste of governments very logical: it’s very hard to raise tax on it. … Anonymous Coward

You might like to reconsider the veracity of the first part of that comment, AC, for there has never been a non-traceability component to origin of ownership? ….. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608716/bitcoin-transactions-arent-as-anonymous-as-everyone-hoped/
As for the second part, well yes, it is rather distasteful of governments, isn’t it ….. but par for their courses in/with sub-prime intelligence sources.
Surely government is the perfect mechanism for money laundering and tax avoidance as it seeks to control and extract a price from their services allowing it? And, knowingly spending money you don’t have and proposing charging repayment to future generations and systems, creating increasing debt and operating with deficits, is tantamount to being responsible for drivering an imperfect mechanism for money laundering and tax avoidance?
Or is that view not right and government be wronged?

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