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10 July 2011

Nothing Too Threatening to Publish

Cryptome responds to an inquiry:

Have a seat, here is a follow-up to the oft-asked question, “is there any threatening information Cryptome would not publish,” and Cryptome’s answer, “no, there nothing we would not publish,” may be understood that nothing truly threatening to persons, institutions and nations will be sent to Cryptome. Nor to the media, nor any other public interest outlet, Wikileaks and the rest. Claims of receiving this kind of material are bogus or based on stupidity and ignorance, all too often lying to conceal being deceived.

The reason is simple, such information is too valuable to give away for free, patriotic rationales notwithstanding (patriots are all too often misinformed due to the myopia patriotism fosters).

This kind of information is worth much more on the black market, under the negotiating table, in drop boxes, to spies, to nations, to extorionists, to blackmailers, and the full range of cheaters for profit.

Fake threatening material is amply distributed, some given away freely to promote a source, there is perhaps more of that than the genuine material, especially from those who ignorantly believe the fake material is genuine — the insiders conceit.

Redactions of so-called threatening material is similarly bogus, a technique for exaggerating the importance of the material and more importantly, to enhance value of the redactor.

In the case of national threats, it should be understood that such threats are never conveniently assembled as tranferrable packages. Only fools think that. Instead national protections are diversely distributed in order to prevent their theft or corruption, and are booby-trapped with markers and tracers that can track the entire path of meddling, access and transfer.

That is why it takes sophisticated, prolonged analysis to constitute diverse sources of information into a credible account and weed out the false and misleading — again in particular the false and misleading believed by a source to be genuine who is most likely being exploited as an unwitting dupe.

It is no accident, for example, that Daniel Ellsberg withheld material from the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers affair — withholding is enhancement of value. And no accident that the Times and Ellsberg cannot give up touting their role as instances of higher responsiblity. Disclosure of tiny selections from a vast official literature on the war like this requires commensurate exaggeration of significance by editorial masquerade.

Masquerade, entertainment, is what brings in the profits , never the undoctored material which is nearly always tedious and demanding and incomplete. A blazingly effective disclosure is always bogus, and for that it is to be enjoyed and celebrated as fictional output like intelligence briefs and investigative journalism exposes.

To be sure, it can be argued that all “information,” a fabricated neologism, a kissing cousin to vanity-driven “intelligence,” and as bogus as “news” or “gospel” or “disclosures.”

Not to overlook that official secrets are the greatest threat to democracy no matter who is coerced or duped into protecting them by being seduced with insider privileges.

In opposition to secrets and their complicit dramatic disclosure, democracy requires patient trial and error, study and understanding of how to make it work against those who desire to asymmetrically dominate its openness whether by government, commerce, education or belief distortion of what is publicly known of authoritative deception.

To level the playing field of information exaggeration, it would be fair to ask Cryptome and its kissing cousins whether they would sell truly threatening information underhandedly rather than publish free samples to build a market for the rest. The answer will always be a lie wrapped in indignation. Followed by a confidential come hither note like this.

As we see in the forever breaking and threatening news world of porcine spies and pig kissing “public interest” barbecuers.

If nothing else, disbelieve Cryptome. Think for yourself.  ….. http://cryptome.org/0004/threat-publish.htm

Wow! White man, speak heap big truth, Kemo Sabe. Now that is extremely unusual and most welcome. Do you think he, white man, is learning, or is it just a blip and confined to a very select and SMARTer Few?

Hi, John, wise words indeed in response to an inquiry. And who is to say that the response itself is not a wise phish with most welcome smart bait?

You might like to consider, as unusual as it may be in selfish and capitalistic, profit-bedevilled and debt-ridden societies/hierarchies/oligarchies, that there are those in and/or into higher intelligence fields, who would deliberately freely share with select parties, certain information for third party publishing, with there being also a better than just reasonable expectation on their behalf, of onward agent forwarding of said information, should matters shared be unexpectedly novel, irregular and unconventional, and which would be intelligently designed specifically to attract, in a ubiquitously pimped and supposed inescapable age of Total Information Awareness Programming, stealthy covert interception for deep packet inspection and intelligence service analysis of its metadata content by others who would be labouring in and charging for competitive superior surveillance of contemporaries and any others who may be perceived and touted as being an opposition in similar and/or parallel fields/endeavours/projects.

And then whenever nothing happens, which should have happened, is the system exposed to have its catastrophic intelligence vulnerabilities for future base exploitation and zeroday trade leverage.

I have no idea who is supposed to have said originally ….. “Do not believe anything you read and only half of what you see” ….. but whoever it was, was nobody’s fool or tool. Although that is not to say that some things which you may read and see, you cannot believe, for they may be perfectly true and a valid and confidential come hither. It would then be just a case of you choosing not to believe what has been freely shared.

Thus is enigmatic steganography advanced and provided as a stealthy security tool for the more intelligent, and leading intelligence servering players? 

Of course, nowadays, is it a very simple matter to publish whatever one wants, oneself, and send it around the world for everyone to view, and rest it in virtually invisible and intangible clouds, in an instant at the click of a mouse, and thus is one freed from having to rely on others who may be in ignorance of what is required of them for a better and different future, through no fault of their own, other than a lack of intelligence in a particular and/or peculiar field.

Methinks though, that that is nothing new, for has that not always been the case, since before even time and space began?


amanfromMars ..Your comment is awaiting moderation.
11 July 2011 at 6:31 pm

Missing the point somewhat, Cynic.

There’s a clear problem and an offered solution.

And it’s a practical solution, from an ECB [and true believer] perspective.

If not from a practical political perspective… …. Pete Baker 10 July 2011 at 11:58 pm

Oh please, Pete Baker, don’t be so naive. Don’t you yet realise that you are being played for a cowed fool by the banking system which pays itself and its friends tax-free trillions from nothing and leaves you with the bills to pay.

Have a little read at these two recent tales to get a flavour of the s*** that is being peddled ….. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/07/no-wonder-europe-is-crashing.html and http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/07/09/weekly-address-working-together-meet-our-fiscal-challenges

And sadly, of course, has Uncle Sam NOT risen to the challenge for he is both broke and intellectually challenged and bankrupt …… http://www.moneynews.com/Headline/Debt-Showdown-us-economy/2011/07/11/id/403162

The Great Game has new Grand Master Players. And you might like to consider that they are anonymous and legion and really smart in the virtual worlds which manage human perception for media presentation of future events.

Surely you don’t believe that things will ever be the same as the way they were, with the same dolts in the driving seat? That would be contrary to natural law which sees growth as always a progression to a constructive novel accommodation upon which diverse shoots can feed and seed.

The script has been changed and is now being networked, underground and via the ether, to its SMARTer governing agents in perfect remote control of all types/phorms of SCADA systems.

I wonder if Palace Barracks intelligence is mentoring and/or monitoring the Colossal Charade and Perfect Storm Parade? 🙂 ….. or are they rendered a white elephant by all that is happening on their watch and right under their noses?

IT’s a funny new world and even a crazy, mad, mad, mad world too and whenever you can handle all of that, is this place in space yours to work, rest and play with at your leisure for pleasure.


11 July 2011 at 7:07 pm

Oh, come on, Slugger, there’s a good chap, play the ball and not the man and release the alien post  [amanfromMars  11 July 2011 at 6:31 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.] You know it makes great sense whenever you can also read ……. “This is a time of rapid and profound change for the Department of Defense. The full spectrum of military operations continues at an accelerating pace, while the methods of mission execution are evolving rapidly. Counter insurgency, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief missions all require operational creativity and agility, as well as broad partnering with entities outside the Department. Our workforce, military and civilian, use technology in ways many of us never imagined – and we must find a way to leverage and adapt the same technologies across the Department, quickly, smartly, and securely. Finally,we must deliver these operational capabilities in a resource-constrained world and while budgets continue to decline. We must optimize and consolidate – tough choices lie ahead.”  which introduces you to The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Campaign Plan 2011-2012 


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