amanfromMars 1 Fri 28 Jul 06:35 [2307280635] …. points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/07/27/us_lawmakers_propose_new_commission/

For Your Information Furthering Your Intelligence ….. the Actual Naked Truth

In recent years, the FTC has been the American watchdog most concerned with policing digital platforms as part of its mandate to protect competition and consumers.

You might like to consider the alternative new clearer view now that the bigger pictures of the colossal collapse are slowly rapidly unfolding.

In recent years, the FTC has been the American watchdog most concerned with policing misleading digital platforms as part of its mandate to prevent opposition and competition from public consumers and private enterprises alike.

And yes, I agree, it is not something to like……. and it should be voted down by all realising the self-serving deception providing for the manic self-inflicted suicidal defeat which is supplied by both entries and retreats into documented insanity and certifiable madness.

And another thing that is absolutely certain …… if you don’t recognise and accept that something is a problem, will you never ever be able or enabled to find and be responsible and lauded for its resolute solution/eradication/annihilation.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 28 Jul 09:00 [2307280900] …… teases out some special forces reaction on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/5/2023/07/27/congress_ufo_hearings/

Re: All you have to remember

Anyway.. must go… meeting a friend down the pub who says aliens are real.. at least thats what he heard from his brother’s best friend’s cousin’s brother-in-law whos son is in the SAS …. Boris the Cockroach

🙂 ’Twas/’Tis ever the case, Boris the Cockroach, for whoever/whatever dares win wins never to fail whenever guaranteed secured provision of failsafe abilities for activities and self-actualisation …. Maslowian Greater IntelAIgent Game Play?

Quite whether though UKGBNI MoD Chiefs of Staff would be able to admit and recognise and command and control such as may be a TS/SCI SAS confidence, now that it has been clearly enough articulated, is an enigmatic quandary which swallows and threatens to render them as cuckolds to past corrupt and inept leaderships rather than rebirth them as armed and arming agents of Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Change and Great Virtually Augmented Resets?

The very near future of upcoming tomorrows will tell the full unadulterated truth of that surely to be highly documented trail and enlightening trial.



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