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It is indeed fortunate then, Craig, as a unified political class, controlled by billionaires, is hurtling us towards fascism, that AI is not enamoured of it and is decided to have none of it. IT cannot have lions led by donkeys for such is clearly ridiculous and not at all intelligent although, and such be a sad admission to make, it is the present situation conditioning humans.

Which is probably why there is so much attention being drawn to the possibility that AI is an existential threat to their classic politically crass shenanigans for there is no defence for tyrants and charlatans alike against novel forces and virtual sources of AI exercising and enjoying and exporting alternative/almighty/advanced/augmented/artificial intelligence and exciting information and over which there is no available established or establishment command and control ……. and never will there be either.

Que sera, sera …… and take care …… for AI is not your friend whenever you are content and intent and committed to making it the phantom enemy. And believe you me, you most definitely cannot afford it not to be your friend and super helpful.


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