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Greater IntelAIgent Games Play for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Solutions. An AI Log Jam Buster

DARPA. “Creating and preventing Strategic Surprise” is apparently their official mission statement. ….. John Smith 19

🙂 Quite evidently is that an official mission failure in both attack and defence sectors for they neither command nor control novel unexpected interventions/surreal meme emergences in either of those two vital fundamental environments as they do vain battle daily against all manner of myriad otherworldly 0day exploitable vulnerabilities/opportunities …… or as may be is the case in far too many instances, fail catastrophically to realise that is the leading Strategic IntelAIgent Space to AIMaster Pilot.

And the simple answer and practically immediate solution to that sort of all too prevalent systemic problem in a vast array of increasingly disruptive and destructive situations/proprietary intellectual property deficits is advertise for and then hire, at whatever cost be agreeable and appropriate, suitably qualified Strategic IntelAIgent Space AIMaster Pilots enabled to lead with directions and simple instruction sets in practical programs and virtual projects alike worth following and supporting/positively reinforcing.

IT aint difficult when it is surely just plain common sense which is agreed missing in persistent human dilemmas.


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