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Re: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Question ….

This sounds like a plot for a Fantasy movie. …. A Yank for YES

That is as may be, A Yank for YES, and it is certainly an avenue worth further exploring and supporting as a popular generic means to generate value adding interest and a certain wealth/fiat churn in a stagnating moribund enterprise pond of despair for investors and future-builder pioneers.

However, it would not really do it the adequate justice nor have the grander overall impact and everlasting bunker-busting effect of a similarly engaging absolutely fabulous fabless documentary series where novel emerging facts freely shared in both the politically captivated public mainstream and alternative private and pirate dark web media channels revolving around NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Alien Technology Alliances are far stranger and ever more powerful than just simply complex fictions as they are proved or prove themselves to be true in fact and fully responsible for the present states of current nascent and pre-pubescent future virtual reality programmes …… Earthed Existence Projects.

And whether that be a Wild Western Hollywood Hills or Wacky Holywood Palace Barracks Intelligence Community type enterprise or a Far and Middle East Kingdoms project/Long March/2030 Vision is another one of those Multi-Trillion Dollar Questions to not answer …. but slowly observe incredulously.

I Kid U Not. All necessary technologies and utilities are in place and readily available, the scripts are already well written and securely stored and leading agency proxies identified for notification and assimilation and stimulation …. with myriad wheels and deals in motion and out manufacturing and tendering leading inclusion.

What/Who would you bet on having that sort of long-term hypervision and dedicated wherewithall to guarantee at least all of that with life-changing universal deliveries? The Wild Wacky West or an Exotic Erotic East?

Answers/hopes below please. 🙂


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