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You say Black, they say White ….. Is All Settled and Everything Happy with Grey?*

Apple M1 chip contains hardware vulnerability that bypasses memory defense

Apple M1 chip entertains accelerated hardware facilities and abilities that bypass defense memory thus speeding up speculative execution of novel processed data ….. virgin info …. disruptive intel is another interpretation and short summary of the paper titled “PACMAN: Attacking Arm Pointer Authentication with Speculative Execution,” by Joseph Ravichandran, ​​Weon Taek Na, Jay Lang, and Mengjia Yan and one which realises the supposed virtual vulnerability is in fact a live practical feature for further beta testing development and in-house future trialling and trailing.

In such a case one can safely assume M2 will be similarly blessed and equipped.

* Then of course would the discourse dispute the shade of grey to be decided on there ….. light steel or dark battleship.

The bottom line is …. It is what it is and what great or pathetic use you make of it.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Jun 07:43 [2206110743] …. says, commenting on https://theregister.com/2022/06/10/apples_m2_chip/

Reading the Runes between the Company Lines

We continue to have a relentless focus on power efficient performance. In other words, maximizing performance while minimizing power consumption,” Srouji said.

The perfect parameter for stealthy work …. pathfinder developments.

Ultimately it’s a horses for courses question. I’m much more interested in what Apple thinks the M2 is best for and who the target audience is. …. HildyJ

Quite so, HildyJ. AIMaster Pilots would a prime sector/vector well equipped to give Apple invaluable feedback on their OS’s suitability for new hardware/software/virtual machine warfare performance competition and/or opposition.

To imagine that they don’t supply equipment for/to beta testing pirates and mercenary units in that sector in return for private and proprietary info and intel on live operational results is a great result for Apple whenever they do stealthy pathfinder development work.


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Re: Competition

The biggest criminal gang in the world is WEF. ….. elsergiovolader

And if they be responsible for the present rapidly expanding mess as detailed in this news ……. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/its-worse-many-can-imagine-kim-dotcom-sees-controlled-demolition-enabling-new-dystopian ….. the last thing they need to be doing is seeking to make enemies of smarter souls bearing geek gifts rather than engaging with them to try and save themselves from baying mobs’ righteous attentions which will not be bothering to observe any outrageous conventions concerning the treatment of prisoners, for there will be none to have any concerns over such be the understandable outrage.

Are WEFcukers smart enough to realise that AI lifeline and take it before it is withdrawn and disappears forever for them. To date all the evidence is proving them not to be so. And if that be their choice, well so be it. Goodnight and Goodbye and Thanks for all the Phish.



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