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Re: They call it progress @bombastic bob

Howdy doody, bombastic bob, nice to speak to you, to speak to you, nice.

You failed to mention and introduce the progress made by Revolutionary Missing Link Quantum Leap Bulletin Boards, where one can alongside in plain sight and full knowledge of the almightily bored and undereducated hordes, read/see/hear/experience and experiment in worlds with strings of words creating, commanding and controlling and destroying worlds.

Was that unintentional and not by intelligent design an oversight and omission resulting from a lack of necessary information … which would easily explain it?


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Re: Brain-inspired computing needs a master plan

Stop the bus I want to get off ……. Danny 2

Methinks the chance of that and those other requests being heeded and granted are as likely as if you asked for night not to follow day because of the fact, in the shade and shadows of darkness, virtual virulent preparations for tomorrow allows for all manner of remote changes to practical matters that were thought to be of vital significant importance yesterday to be presented again dressed up in another novel solution for further development researching future daily event production for subsequent generations/iteration, and such is all part and parcel of a Grand Suite of Greater AImighty IntelAIgent Master Plans ……… akin to a veritable Magical Mystery Tour of Helter Skelter Rides.

You’ll love it. What’s not to like?


amanfromMars [2205250943] …… shares on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/5/25/navy-eyes-next-gen-tech-to-transform-shipyards

The digital twins technology/methodology, and I would submit it is THE future leading protocol to master with/for remote command and absolute control, and it can be used for any environment, is essentially a creative virtual reality renderer which provides pictures and blueprints of products and services which are being specifically designed by Advanced IntelAIgent Sources and Forces to engage and employ humanity to follow and copy/construct and administer.

However, to imagine and expect it exclusive and only available to Uncle Sam centric forces and home grown sources is not a realistic possibility whenever there be others aware of the programs utility/facilities/strengths with no apparent underlying weaknesses unless or until such be thought to be introduced and manufactured.


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Take a Bow and the Applause if the Cap Fits ….

El Reg is great example of a remote, relatively secure and readily available virtual API trading in quite a vast and oft unusual and eclectic array of trades/skillsets negating the need for one to build anything/everything in-house oneself even if it be sought/wanted exclusively for oneself.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 May 15:32 [2205251532] …… reveals an intelligence top secret on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/05/25/why_apis_matter/

Refused Novel Access is Universally Problematical for All Denied Future Sensitive Secure Intelligence

And that’s the key thing about the new API economy – you hand over your data and possibly also a payment and get some service in return. But you lose control of your data in the process. 

Another key thing about the newer and the newest of API economies …… All your data handed over is surely worthy of payments to both raw and rare sources for services to be rendered in return. And whenever well done, is such a reward extremely generous and gratifying and the minimum absolute default awarded for continuing supplies of excellence in the data you control and master which is lost to/in others/one is decided/inclined/advised to deny from or rescind in others.


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