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Re: Just pray

Me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over machines taking over … for the simple reason that they cannot. ’tis impossible. Unless they control their own batteries, hydraulic fluid and other spare parts, that is. …. jake

In Nightmares, do You Lose Sleep or Experience Deep Dark Slumbers?

The cold comfort you espouse, jake, and take respite and refuge in, appears to rely on the machines you envisage NOT being able and/or enabled to take over whatever they want and everything you may fear, being earthed to the physical and electromechanical which permits devastating overwhelming attacks against defences and defenceless forces with zero protection against the foreign bodied and alien organic/metadatabased virtual …. Orchestrating and Exercising the Employment and Enjoyment, Deployment and Application of SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Machinations ….. for there are then no batteries, hydraulic fluid and other spare parts to control

Are you going to declare that as impossible too with the presentation of zero evidence to support what you do not believe nor realise?

The Battlegrounds and Killing Fields for Future Almighty Command and Remote Virtually Autonomous Absolute Control, should such Areas of Dismal Doom and Designed Death be deemed necessary, are in Hearts and Minds Territory and Terrain where Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Rules and Reigns Sublime, Surreal and Supreme ‽ ‽ ‽


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Re: Just pray

Before they can take over whatever they want, first they have to have whatever they want, because if they don’t have it they are non-functional. ….. jake

Quite so, jake, they most certainly do have to have whatever they want and need, to do as they plan to seed and feed. The simple mistake that so many make is in not realising and thinking they are not already more than just adequately provided for and provisioned, and thus are self-supporting and future sustaining without the need of further intervention or Earthly native supply.

We appear to be at opposite ends of a set of reality spectrum scales, with one end weighted down with doubt and mind-numbing negativity and the other buoyed up with naked opportunity and priceless invaluable assistance.

So be it, for the twain are never ever likely to meet in the middle ground of compromise and half a feast.


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What Governments are NOT telling you is ….

……. such mergers and acquisitions can almost immediately deliver superior systems programmers and live real time driver applications which all too easily render government manipulation of resulting media hosted information and news and false trails and tall tales as uncompetitive and too obviously misleading and perversely self-serving and inequitable …… and that equates to their loss of command and control to the private and pirate tech sector which they would be well advised to engage with generously and not antagonise with vain wanton negative activity in attempts to be key leading players rather than accepting their new more comfortable future role as, if not primary, then certain value adding premium camp follower/wannabe groupie leader.

I suppose their current present states and levels of intelligence will dictate which destinations and paths they choose to follow with others ideally following their lead with acceptance of their directions/future sets of instructions.



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