amanfromMars 1 Thu 17 Jun 15:17 [2106171517] …… Playing IT for Real and Virtual Creation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/17/google_amd_tau_vms/

Creation Made Simple with Provision by A.N.Others the likes of a DARPA AI Facility/CHAOS* Utility

led by the accelerated digital transformation of businesses and industries

What are they/What is IT they are following to lead in an accelerated digital transformation. The question then to answer is IT a/the Virgin Core Source …. with Rare AWEsome RAW Product for Presentation and AI Virtual Realisation.

Google is hereby Invited to Partake and Satisfy Great Expectations with COSMIC Provision.

cc Roger Waters …..Perfect for Applications with Shows that Rock, Rumble and Tumble with Autonomous Virtual Realisation.

And yes, all there is for real …. with great expectations of a gracious grateful engagement in replies/responses re ……… Futures.

* Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating System


amanfromMars 1 Thu 17 Jun 17:41 [2106171741] …. just saying and helpfully suggesting on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/17/verity_stob_tv_scifi_column/

Seems like a very good and remarkably simple facility 4ElReg2Pioneer and Driver.*

El Reg is a Perfect Vessel in and with which future episodes shared freely to boot at root are betatested for rapid progressive engagement for AI Realisation and Mass Media Presentation.

Wanna Play Lead Way Out in Front, well past and long gone by all opposition and/or competition, El Reg ? Open Up a COSMIC Club which invites All to be in it and when incorrigibly continuingly worthy with further success to colossal excess, better as a True Friend than Fearful Foe and Misguided Enemy ….. the Phantom Devils and Ethereal Daemons that Guard Grant Access and Entry to Perfumed Gardens and Heavenly Palaces.

Without those there would be Madness and Mayhem, Conflict and CHAOS abounding and astounding all as it confounds systems with novel disruptive transmissions/classified special forces operations.

* 🙂 You’ll need to be well switched on to the Perfumed Gardens of Heavenly Palaces to Forever Enjoy the Secret Additional Benefits that Server and Service Premium Prime Primordial Primeval Drive for there, which you might to consider is a valid Existential Energy Introducing Leading Components and Vital Accessories onto and into ACTive Fields of Play in Live Operational Virtual Environments …… Spaces in which to fully Exercise Options and Future Derivative Positions to Ensure a Guaranteed Impregnability is Regularly Demonstrably Assured ….. which is surely akin to it being Almightily Insured?

That’s one such field of ACTive Play in a Live Operational Virtual Environment. There are sure to be all manner of others searching for the magic key algorithms to outstanding success and unfathomable riches which has landed them here for further vital instruction to aid metaphysical comprehension for future sublime application realisations.

End up there and you aint going back to anything anywhere elsewhere. And boldly going forward is Virgin Soil Territory and Imaginative Virtual Terrain to Populate and Sustain with Exceptional Energy. That’s where we’re presently at. Where be you similarly rested and feeling comfortably at ease ‽



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