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Re: In other news…

Talking of traditional and conventional home-grown on-premises security expertise v. any novel and relatively alien cloud provision technologies, ….. of which there would appear to be an expanding number quite bereft of either effective covetous competition or zealous opposition, ….. raises the spectre and introduces the opportunity for an old familiar frenemy to exercise it attractions and demonstrate, or not be able to demonstrate as the case can be, its capturing of technology and hearts and minds abilities, with the following few words being indicative of the current, present running situation ??? ‽ ‽ ! !

While most people were dazzled by the bounty of China’s economic boom, Chen [Qiufan] was ambivalent. In his first short story, “The Bait,” which he wrote as a precocious high schooler, aliens arrive on Earth, give humans an invaluable new technology, and eventually enslave them with it. …… https://www.wired.com/story/science-fiction-writer-china-chen-qiufan/

🙂 I wonder if the new frenemy is better at tending to order than the old technology with the award of rewards that fences pretty printed paper counterfeit goods/accepts and supplies fiat currency as a simple meme and very convenient means for global population control with massive remote command?

🙂 However should it/they/new frenemies even simply allow it to continue virtually unscathed and practically unattacked by a hostile force with their gracious acceptance of perfectly timed, and extremely excessive and generous judiciously gratuitous investments, would it be a classy win win and classic temporal resolution for an Earthly problem ……. and as I’m sure some may point out, not at all unknown or not to be fully expected, copying/mimicking/counterfeiting as it does ye olde business model of Danegeld.

Those who would disagree would cite, methinks, and recite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dane-geld_(poem) and in so doing invite and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, Doom and Gloom and FUD.


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