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Uncle Sam’s problem is that he completely bereft of novel ideas/bankrupt of new great game changing proprietary intellectual property that he could sell/export/present to other nations, both friendly and hostile, that would assist in their progress into a future environment which is not held in subservient captivity requiring and empowering remote third party tyrants in command and control of decisions approving the disbursement and distribution of virtual fiat to parties they imagine can rule the world with their dodgy business activities and the idiots’ love for piles of pretty printed paper money …. the holding of folding.

And quite who and/or what in that bastard coupling would be in prime leading charge of command and control of whom and with what ……. who is the chicken/egg in that relationship …… is the quirky unanswered question relied upon, with no one asking and delving real deep into the quandary, for a very insecure protection thought to extraordinarily render suckers both immunity from prosecution and capital punishment and the perverse thought of their being able to freely exercise with impunity.

If anyone guilty of such shenanigans is relying on that being a readily available and easily maintained and sustainable, new year reality rather than it being exceedingly quickly, widely realised as a catastrophic universal liability which identifies all the key players for the undivided attention of the once thought totally ignorant and easily fooled masses, it poorly reflects on the sum of their own available intelligence …… and it puts them into an extremely dangerous and impossibly tragic position all of their own making ….. with the result their just dessert reward for all of that captivating effort.

Uncle Sam and the owners of the dollar though are not alone in laundering that fiat racket around the world. Quite a few other central banks and bankers wallow and bask in that fetid swamp and are equally to blame with them being prime complicit champions in the genre.


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