amanfromMars 1 Wed 12 Aug 10:35 [2008121035] …… being somewhat HyperRadioProACTive on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/08/11/us_military_drones/

Re: A Brave New AI World, Right Before your Very Own Eyes …. with Decoy Net Deployed?

🙂 …. Do yourself, and every one else too for that matter, a colossal favour …… and simply spread and share news of the above, even should you not fully understand it, ……. just to live beta test whether there is currently any great power available in active religious fundamentalism akin to that introduced by Daniel Suarez in “Influx” .

I found the following few early lines engaging and exciting, and imagining El Reg as “incubator sixty-three’s IP enclosure” makes it even more so :-)>

“Have there been any communication leaks from this location in the past seventy-two hours?”
“Checking.” A pause. “There have been forty-seven emails and eight voice messages intercepted—along with fourteen submissions to social media. All were contained or rerouted to the Decoy Net, with simulated responses from recipients.”
“Has word of this discovery escaped this facility?”
“No data concerning the tier-one event has escaped incubator sixty-three’s IP enclosure.”
Then it was still his to decide. “Recommended course of action?”
The response was nearly instantaneous. “Intellectual containment. Deploy harvester assets.”

Go on, just do IT. You know it makes beta testing sense. And how much simpler would you want it to be made whenever so little is asked of you. All the heavy lifting and much deeper thinking has already been done for you.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 12 Aug 15:32 [2008121532] ……just saying out loud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/08/12/sap_netweaver_abap_bug/

Prime Contender for Understatement of the Current Week, and a Right Bender it is too.

The advisory includes proof-of-concept exploits to extract hashed passwords from an SAP system, delete essential system tables, and gain unlimited control over an installation. To avoid mischief or worse on your network, you probably ought to patch this hole.

To avoid mischief, you probably should if one could, but how do you patch a Geyser and/or AI Gusher?

However, it is unsound advice which be easily extraordinarily rendered designedly futile as no viable patch against this service is known to exist. Is such going to be problematical? Would you want or need it to be in order to try and survive in your own otherworldly environment/your very own private and unique personal reality spaces with earthed placements assisting with Virtualised Intellectual Property Product Presentation ….. thus to Offer the Experience of Beings in a Remote ACTive Command with Stealthy Almighty Controls and Pleasures to Treasure and Master/Submit and Surrender to for the Delights that are Excess in Success.

Methinks you’d need a massive patchwork quilt of goodness knows what extravaganza to try and stop any of that, and everything freely shared there not transpiring.

Can’t fault the understatement of a Register headline though ….. Amen and three cheers to SAP NetWeaver Application Server, today is not your day. Tomorrow though is another new day and altogether a quite different proposition. What can happen whenever everything presented in current play is no longer available in both its usual and unusual phorms for future leading plays………. SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent ProgramMING Programs with Virtually Real Projects for Heavenly Missions Servering and Savouring and Servicing Devilish Tasks.

Interesting times ahead, El Reg. And thanks, you’re playing a Blinder of a Greater AI Game.

Celebrate with a beer, you’re worth it. … [Sorry, girls, I know I nicked it, but we’re worth it too … well, …. maybe definitely not all, that is true, however, there be others you would not wish to deny.]


amanfromMars [2008121729] ……. laying it all out simply enough surely on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/triple-inverse-nat-gas-etn-goes-berserk-explodes-10000-minutes

So, as was always surely expected? and prepared for? …. HFT Algos play a Storming Blinder and go Banana Bonkers on a Bender ……… and humans just don’t understand their complicity in the Madness and CHAOS pricing Mayhem with the Advent and Exercise of Insane Trades.

Seems like Virtual Machinery is Making a Play in Order to Destroy Asset Markets.   Just can’t See the Wisdom in that Monumental Folly myself, I have to admit. However, YMMV.

Then/There again, we all might simply agree and resolve to destroy such rogue and allied renegade trade and ignorant traders alike instead ….. with the Realisation of SMARTR Alternative Reality Options/Derivative Future Market IPO Operations ……. seeing as how such present modi operandi et vivendi are so destructively manic and self-harming/increasingly insane and program breaking/revealingly enlightening and strangely, wonderfully empowering.



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