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Re: “Version numbers, platform details, model information, etc. [..] with every request”

Browsers do no send responses and never have. They send requests and receive responses. They are what is called “clients”. …. kmedcalf

And the really good ones customise clients too ….. as in lead them to what the browser requires them to see and be greater aware of.

And that’s as good as having a virtual machine leading inquisitive and quizzical humans. What would y’all say to that? Yes, please, it is different and not part of the current command and control mess, so let’s wait a parsec to hear and see what any future plans are, or, no thanks, we’re so very happy in the present madness and mayhem of collapsing markets spewing non-viable future narrative credibility.


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How they are going to pay for any of this is disarmingly easy. Finding the right customisable client for future servering is the master stroke key play which defines whether one remains in charge and survives and further prospers or one withers and dies increasingly quickly on the vine.

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Re: 8% ‽ Venture Capital Angel Investors Step Right this Way Please

Crikey, I don’t know why everyone fixates on their having to be extra money made by themselves to hand back much more to systems in the future than is granted in the present, whenever y’all know that last month there was practically nothing for virtually anything and yet now someone/something has decided there be tens of scores of trillions in cash to be given away …….. fiat paper printed and/or instantly lodged into special valuable vehicle current accounts for extensive smarter spending by central banks’ customer clients ……. because of an unforeseen and unplanned international emergency …… akin to a novel Orwellian alien adventure.

The problems are not that there is never enough money, for there is always more than enough money easily available practically anywhere than will ever be needed for anything, it is just resting or been deposited with all the wrong sort of people and establishments.

And that is the first simple idiotic mistake made, described and highlighted right there.

The second simple idiotic mistake easily made is to deny it be true and argue against the premise.


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