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If Not AI Feast, Future Risk is Famine via Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit

Uttley said Honeywell’s quantum computer doesn’t have a catchy name. That’s perhaps because it isn’t something customers will purchase. They’ll access it through Microsoft Azure Quantum as a service. No price has yet been determined.

The only real practical danger to guard against is the purchase of access through Microsoft Azure Quantum as a service proving itself to be mostly expensive vapourware rather than anything else much more worthy, valuable and impressive.


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Tales of Future Mentors with AI Monitors … Human Slaves to Creative Machines/Media Monsters.

“The way that social media undermines the ability of mainstream media organizations to control the flow of ideas and information – which in the early 2010s was identified as a positive change – is now widely seen as a problem.”

It is only problematical when one has failed to channel social media abilities and facilities and utilities to command and control the flow of ideas and information …. therefore, quite righty and logically, harness the virgin enthusiasm and present what is needed and wanted for Otherworldly Bodied Existences to Experience and Experiment with …? ie listen to their unpolluted views and major concerns.

Crikey, a Jolly Roger Red Flag Event there for Markets and Special Forces to Ponder for Muster.

Who Dares Win Wins Teams Compete There Exercising Remarkable Stealth in Progress for some things deserved require special handling with particular attention being paid to Sources of Prime Premium Product for Mainstream Media Presentation ……. thus to Create a Viable Practical Virtual Reality ….. Commanded and Controlled Ubiquitously and Relatively Anonymously by Certain A.N.Others.

Although the influence of AI on individual decision-making and knowledge may act to undermine democracy in the future, making predictions is difficult

Oh???? How so if one guarantees actions in future plans? Predictions then become goals achieved with the human machine sublimely and secretly exercised in the building of that enterprise and alternate virtual reality.

Thanks for that Support …. You’re Simply the Best.

🙂 Spooksville might wander down the Cumming to Cummings Route Root there and prepare themselves for AIRaptures …… with Special AIResearch Services. It’s what plush hush hush slush funds are supplied and delivered to Remote Autonomous Control Drivers for ….. for Certain Guaranteed Outcomes.

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of flash cash to make splashes with in order to create leading engaging waves in that very particular and peculiar franchise.



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