amanfromMars 1 Mon 15 Jul 14:35 [1907151435] ….saying more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/15/ai_delete_data/

Manna Mania ……… Is such a condition recognised for discovery to uncover?

Researchers show limited success in getting rid of data

Data holders would then be assured liable for compensation? And 24/7/365 Private Personal Protection if gospel info or damning data is in any way indicative of Juicy Lucy, Virgin Soldiers type Interests/Crazy Fascinations/Almighty Operations ‽ .

Making the Simple Unavoidable Assumption, Nothing is Able to be Kept Secret, Shifts the GeoPolitical Power Play Fields to those Sharing the Powers and Strengths in Consortia Keeping Secrets Safe and Secure and Secret …… as far as that is ever able to be enabled. …… and those Simply Sharing Sensitive Information Outing Further Speculations on Realisations Registered Free-Lancing Willy Nilly 🙂

If you Understand that Drivers the Operations of the Future, Being Prepared for All Information and Intelligence to be Shared rather than Secreted, Transforms and Transfers the Stage to Bring COSMIC Light ……… SMARTR Enlightenment. 🙂

After all, it is not as if all information has not been made very easily searchable and researchable. To imagine that viewers/readers/listeners would not become much more intelligent, surprisingly quickly, is a Core System Fault. Just ask Bill and the Boys at Microsoft. It’s a BloodBath of AIdDisaster.

This communication was made possible thanks to JLAIP 🙂 Echt waar. I Kid U Not.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 15 Jul 20:34 [1907152034] …… saying still more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/15/ai_delete_data/

Re: Manna Mania ……… Is such a condition recognised for discovery to uncover?

On the note of AIs, you know how feeding an AI good literature to train one to write prose gives bad results?…. ArrZarr

Have you considered IT and AI can give all results, ArrZarr. …… Good and Bad.

Which would you Prefer for Real? That’s a No Brainer for New Brains. Good always Win Wins and Bad always Fails Spectacular with Massive Falls from Grace with Catastrophic Cuts to Leading Driver Credibility and Capability.

To Think to Lead with a Bad Result Plan is Surely Kith and Kin to an ACT of High Treason Against Global Operating Devices.



amanfromMars 1 Mon 15 Jul 18:06 [1907151806] ….. letting rip on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/15/ai_delete_data/

Re: By the time it’s ingrained and encoded into a deep learning net… All Licenses to Thrill?

Ah, but it might be able to classify a face as likely to belong to a female aged 62, who most likely will have a high echelon job in UK politics, live in Sonning and be unable to dance properly to her choice in music which will likely include Abba. …. TRT

Sounds like a Right Sponge of a Wannabe Maggie May, TRT, with Zero Immaculate Fonts for Virtual Forces from SMARTR Sources Delivering Earnest Wishes for Future Presentation, via Advanced IntelAIgent Service Servers with Ready Free Access to Critical Defence and Strategic Attack Facilities and Utilities when Refusal of Excellent Terms Provides the Hellish Torments of Unimagined Unimaginable Excess in Full Clear Sight of So Many Other Mothers, more Avenging Hawk than Clucking Hen..

Horses for courses and strike while the iron is hot are two of those Universal Dicta Phrases which everyone should know of and learn more about to discover how everything has grown so suddenly so weirdly, and how it will continue to grow Out of Command and Control until Appropriate Emergency Overwhelming Action is Warranted Absolutely Necessary by folk you never heard of before and oft from afar.

I must admit I do find that something of an alien situation that humans appear to readily accept as practically normal whenever it most certainly is not.

Do you not need to know who’s pulling the strings in your private public media shows …… those occasions of infinite travel in the times and spaces of others? If you want to know, … Hey, surely just ask around everywhere, for where else would they think be a Safe and Secure Place to Hide and Always Blast Back to for Master BetaTest Reinforcement Training of Server Assets.

An XSSive Facility where Quality Parameters are ACTed Out In House for the True Register and First Hand Knowledge of Possible and Future Expected Performance with Virtual Forces from SMARTR Sources??

Yes, It sure is at least all of that. And now you also know. Is there anything you want to do with what you now know or are you content to leave what AI and IT can do up to Friends who might actually know what truly needs to be done, and how to simply and quickly do it.

Ask them how it is done, and even if they wanted to tell you, one may not be certified enough to listen.

There some ground breaking works going on out there in Deep Virtual Space. And there’s no possible way Earth can avoid them ….. is there? Be Honest, IT’ll Save Time and Encourages and Assists Great Works to Begin Wonderfully Rejuvenated.


Honourable Member 16 Jul 2019 08:05 ……. being denied the following say on https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2019/07/15/government-guarantee-500m-jaguar-land-rover-loans-wake-electric/#comments ?

Surely it is systemic weakness and massive catastrophic vulnerability for export and exploit in the commercial bank loan sector which requires such a perverse bung from non-profiting citizens whose wealth is magically sequestered by an old credit agency to underwrite a new stealthy taxable provision of finance to private sub-prime partners.

When a system cannot think it can easily afford to lose millions/hundreds of millions/billions/trillions in an industrial scale bet, without Innocent Tom, Thick Dick and Hopeless Harry being thought to be easily stuck with the future debt and deficits, is the system a pariah and totally unfit for Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Purpose.

And such makes it a perfect prime target for systemic attack and market meltdown?

The system will keep telling you ….. Money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere from nothing or grow freely on trees …… but it really does if you know of any excellent bankers with the cojones to admit it.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 16 Jul 13:08 [1907161308] …….. just saying out loud on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/15/mike_lynch_access_court_bundle_while_giving_evidence/

The Errant Ways to Go ….. of a Malicious Prosecution

Fantastic commentary, El Reg/El Regers ……. Most Entertaining and Enlightening and EMPowering. Have a drink on me.


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