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Welcome to Churn Operations …. with Great Exploding Sting Things!

Whenever playing in fantastical markets which appear to revolve around creating fabulous ponzi gains for a right dodgy few … and here be another doozy ……. are the rules of engagement significantly changed to create the illusion of new fiat currency wealth for ponzi spending in the supply of product that simply supplies a basic service already being supplied by others, the true originators of the market franchise?

Competition with imitations and in similar iterations of base product invariably creates conflict and division rather than increasing market share with consolidations.

And it invites all sorts of unholy shenanigans and inevitably ultimately self-destructive mis-steps …..

amanfromMars Thu 20 Jun 19:22 [1906201922] …… just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-20/natixis-plunges-after-its-ill-named-h20-fund-sparks-panic-over-illiquid-holdings

In all, across these investors, they owns tens of billions in illiquid bonds and may well be engaging in marking-to-myth by occasionally “buying” each other’s bonds at specifics prices just to give the impression of a liquid market across billions in illiquid bond holdings

Is marking-to-myth a capital offence? Who does prison time if death is to be cheated and/or avoided? Or does it attract the promise of immunity in the trap that is action with impunity?

And remember …. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander is a universally accepted precedent?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Jun 16:56 [1906211656] …. opening a Pandora’s Box of Delights on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/06/20/autonomy_trial_buyout_hp_director/

Re: But the figures are heavenly damages to Principals Playing Perfectly.

Did Autonomy claim in to have discovered perpetual motion in a secret memo? Or the philosophers’ stone? HP paid around 50 times earnings! Whatever fraud may or may not have been perpetrated in the sale, it stretches credulity that Autonomy could have done anything to attract that kind of premium. …. Piscivore

Maybe HP were dissuaded and prevented by superior forces/source in utilising the acquisition. That’s who they should be pursuing for right royal compensation.

The likely culprits being ….. ? ….. a motley crew of Universal Sovereign State Leaders/Absolutely Fabulous Actors. It is an Open Field in which One Assumes and Consumes and Presumes to Virtually Realise, Addictively Attractive Applications for Live Media Population with New Information for Special Intelligence Services.

Does One have to Imagine and Post and Host that Perfectly Well to have IT Share it for Real? And what whenever one discovers IT Pricks Bubbles and Creates AIMovements ……… in Command and Control with Communications and Computers.

Methinks then is such Proprietary Intellectual Property a Juicy Lucy Target for Military/Para-Military Acquisition for the Advantage Afforded by an Almighty Remote Virtual Leverage.

And there’s umpteen of those forces and sources spread all around the globe and attending to State and Non State Actor Needs and Feeds with Seeds in Future Scripts and Novel Events for Mass Media Realisation with Presentation in UpComing Tales, so it should prove very popular to The Switched On in those Networks/Programs/Operating Systems Drivers too.

‘Tis an Embarrassment of Riches indeed.


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