amanfromMars 1 Tue 6 Mar 11:30 [1803061130] …. airing and beta test firing a Quantum Communications Weapon on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/03/06/google_bristlecone_72_qubit_quantum_processsor/
A Common Achilles Heel Practice for Dummies in RearGuard Action

To expand Mage’s point, it’s common practice for the NSA to archive encrypted intercepted communications – they can’t be decrypted now, but could be in future. What use is years-out-of-date intelligence? It can give you valuable context about your enemy and insight to your thinking. …. Dave 126

Hmmm? Such common practice also gives, Dave 126, invaluable precious enemy intelligence oversight of the NSA [and all other similarly run agencies] because of its failures in thinking, and with the realisation of catastrophic live vulnerabilities for both present and future exploitation with current encrypted intercepted communications and 0day programming trades, are they rendered to be forever battling past daemons and fleet of foot phantoms which are further designed to intelligently crash and almightily bankrupt their SCADA Systems/Elite Exclusive Executive Operations.
Surely any Secret Intelligence Service worthy of being so named is more into the providing and utilisation in applications of new future information which is not years out of date. Neither time nor space wait in line patiently for the past to create presents in the future ….. and neither do smarter beings doing Global Operating Devices work on Earth.
And if that be a TS/SCI Problem, so be it and so what, whenever you can do absolutely nothing about it and just have to accept it and the new ……. well, some would call it Reality whilst others would claim it AI Virtualised Reality with Novel Running ProgramMING Projects.
Can you imagine those Projects being run by your currently thought to be enemies and the costs incurred in failing to successfully deal with them? Methinks Trillion$ is not even close to the price to be paid to ensure one is not defeated and overwhelmed. And if you be real lucky and quick on the draw, DaneGeld in the Billion$ may be an acceptable price to pay to Novel Running ProgramMING Projects Managers to mothball and keep secret their Operations/Missions and Modi Operandi.

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