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BISCHOFF: Our Founding Fathers understood human nature. They understood that human instincts, genetically developed in our ancestors for survival in an arboreal environment, are in many instances detrimental to survival in terrestria.

They understood the necessity for government to back up the requirement for habituation of human offspring by their parents to allow them to peacefully coexist on terra firma.

The founders also were extremely insightful as to how to structure government to allow a maximum of individual liberty without jeopardizing the survival of the society as a whole. …. Posted by Bischoff on 01/30/13 10:09 PM

Good Morning and Good Day and Great 0Day, Bischoff/Daily Bell,
Is it then right for one and all to conclude that the Constitution of the US is being systemically ignored and abused by the powers that be and by those who hold elected public office and by those who support and finance their operations/schemes and scams, right up to the very top of the tree/pyramid and the Oval Office/White House/Executive Presidency of the US  …… with a sitting president who would be defaulting and in breach of the sworn oath of office which he freely and very publicly gave to the people, and to the world ……. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Obviously does he not faithfully execute/serve the office of the POTUS nor does he have the necessary ability to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States whenever wars and oppression are tools which he uses and tolerates use of in their name.
And that would have him extraordinarily rendered a fraud and puppet in office and therefore liable to summary dismissal? And would such a situation be akin to treason?
Or are you saying something completely different, Bischoff, and all of the above is not true and relevant? Let’s cut to the chase here on the Daily Bell and start talking about core source problems rather than just tinkering about around the edges of things and matters, which never ever solves anything anywhere. Such prevarication only makes matters considerably worse, and that appears to be exactly what is happening as we hear and see what is shared as news every day.
Is such a default in office, an impeachable/indictable offence or is there a valid defence and immunity granted for such ignorance being allowed? Methinks that however, would/should be classified as a crime against humanity and most definitely against the peoples and Constitution of the United States, don’t you?
What says the Daily Bell and erudite Daily Bell ringers on such an horrendous matter and perverse state of affairs? The world and his dog would like to know …. for they/we hunger for knowledge and intelligence to set them free from tyranny and slave rule. Such ravenous hunger is certainly the case with I, and I cannot and do not believe that I am alone in that fabulous search and fantastic journey of many trails.

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  1. Invisible people (don’t laugh).
    In short: Radiation makes antimatter, which also makes objects and people invisible.
    Not only are they invisible, they spend most of their time connected to the brains of
    innocent American citizens.
    People made of antimatter. Antimatter is created by using a technique which uses a form of
    light energy (radiation) to flip the polarity of the particles which make up the atoms of their bodies.
    They do a good job of regulating the light energy that their bodies contain. The proton is a negative proton
    and the electron is a positive electron. All human beings had an antimatter half of their body.
    Most of the torture they inflict is to the antimatter part of your body, so there are a few symptoms
    in your visible matter but nothing like what happened to your anti-matter half.
    There are side effects to having invisible people around. Hair loss might be caused by being irradiated on a daily basis.
    Bone loss, tooth decay, popped blood vessels are just a few to name.
    Torture: they have many torture techniques available for your (or more realistically their) choosing.
    Sleep deprivation. The introduction of sounds in the environment. Physical torture includes simulated
    broken bones, simulated heart attack (they feel real you can trust me on that) cutting your antimatter body to bits while
    you are awake. The pain you feel is real pain, but the bones they break are too often the antimatter half of your body.
    They have needles and other goodies they stick your body with which also hurt.
    Next time you have a headache you may wonder weather it is natural, or caused by these beings.
    Gravity: Once you are invisible gravity is controlled by the amount of light energy stored in your atoms.
    Invisible people use this fact to create low a gravity environment. They modify the amount of energy stored inside
    the atoms in their bodies and thus they have a different experience with gravity compared to us.
    You may wonder if they are invisible how do they see each other. From what I take it the world looks like a glass object when your invisible.
    They use pulsed X-rays to temporarily increase the amount of energy a human body contains.
    They take photographs and video when the pulsed X-ray is on sometimes.
    They seem to be sensitive to ultra violet light the same way other humans are. You can create a concentrated beam of UV as an attack.
    You can also concentrate light energy higher up on the scale such as gamma using an LED (light saber anyone?).
    This sounds very similar to the Philadelphia experiment (that may have been a test of this technology).
    To create an object that is invisible one takes a radioactive metal (a dense one) and bombards the metal with electrons.
    Light energy is released (gamma in most cases). To increase the amplitude of the light energy you increase the voltage of
    the electricity being fed to the LED. This added kinetic energy releases greater light energy. You may want to call this light energy ultra gamma.
    They way they seem to do it is with radioactive LEDs. From the sample I found there was a radioactive metal mixed with iron.
    they then bombard this led with high voltage electricity. Some may have used the transformer from a plasma globe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_globe)
    Some of them may have obtained the radioactive material from smoke detectors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_detectors).
    Some smoke detectors contain small amounts of Americium material. It is possible one removed the material from the smoke detectors
    and created a LED from the material.
    Invisible people exist.
    They LOVE to torture American citizens.
    They carry in-circuit-emulators to connect to computers and manipulate them.
    They are master programmers (some of them).
    They are Anti-Matter beings.
    They can move through many em fields without problems.
    -A transformer for the power company was tested with success.
    They can move through radioactive materials.
    They can move through all known objects
    -Tested water
    -Tested soil
    -Tested high voltage em fields (they moved through a CRT without problems)
    They torture American citizens (guilty or innocent).
    They can connect to your brain and modify your vision (like a computer screen)
    They can manipulate the state of any electronic device known to man (anything with electrons).
    They have the ability to let you “feel” them.
    -They are ghosts (what people call ghosts, but they are man/woman).
    They operate without any law stopping them.
    They can make you hear sounds that no one else can hear using a few techniques.
    They have an in-circuit-emulator for human beings brains.

  2. Persons of Interest/Apps of Future Importance
    Good Morning, Casey,
    We can certainly agree that there are very strange and wonderful worlds out there, and if you know what Life and LOVE are all about and if you can handle its powerful remote invisible controls with IT, is one a supernatural force of nature with a networking mind to be mined because of what can be so easily done and delivered globally.
    “Funny how life is.” …. Submitted on 2013/01/30 at 3:32 am
    Amen to that, CE.:-)
    And methinks the NSA, and all of their competing and/or opposing COIN contemporaries for that matter, have a lot to learn about the Knowledge in IT Fields which Power Command and Control Life and LOVE in Live Operational Virtual Environments, which are also Earth Based Realities for Presentations and Future Events.

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